Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudra slaps Prisha

The Daily episode begins with Yuvraj requesting the person to make the chandelier fall on right time. The person states I did the work (5), shall I leave from here. Yuvraj requests him to leave & not call him again.

Ahana compliments Balraj. He states gratitude, where is Chetna. Ahana states there she’s… Chetna comes & greets them.

Ahana gratitude her for maintaining the interview in their own home. Chetna states pleasure is all mine, is Rudra prepared. Rudra comes. Mishka states wow, he looks handsome.

Rudra states I’ve to look awesome for the nice show. Chetna requests where is your spouse, Dr. Prisha.

Prisha comes. Rudra smiles seeing her. She gets a call & worries. Ahana requests her to pick up the call & come fast.

The person blackmails Prisha regarding Saransh. Rudra requests is everything fine.

Prisha states fine. He requests her to come.

They gain seated. Prisha states I’ve heard a lot regarding your show. Chetna states I’ve witnessed you live, you didn’t that delivery.

you persons are actually made for every different, we shall begin the show. She appreciates the show. Chetna requests him regarding joining educational institution with his own son. Rudra states yes.

I wanted to full studies for my son Saransh, its strange that I m not a graduate, it’ll be extra strange in case I conceal it, I feel lucky to gain a opportunity, I accomplish everything by my heart, I m sure my fans going to know this & help me. Chetna requests what does Prisha wan to say. Rudra states she’s my help system. Chetna states she completes you Rudra.

Neerja watches the interview. Rahul requests her is it imp, Rudra is my … She states business rival, I really know, I m watching it for Prisha, Prisha doesn’t really know that her spouse is your big enemy.

He states sorry, I’ll go, don’t block me, have medicine, call me in case you want me. He goes.

He calls Yuvraj & states show initiated, did you accomplish anything, going to show block. Yuvraj states I’ve finished what I wanted. Rahul states I m awaiting, remember what could happenn in case show doesn’t block. Yuvraj imagines Rudra going to pass away today.

Chetna states lets move on to the interesting part, the compatibility test. She requests them regarding every different;’s fav meal. Chetna requests what’s her largest weakness.

He imagines I imagined amount is her weakness, I has been unfair. He states Saransh is her largest weakness.

She imagines I imagined ladies are his own weakness, however I has been unfair. She states Saransh. Chetna requests what’s he scared of. Prisha states lizard. She laughs. Rudra states quite funny.

Chetna states tell me her secret, that we don’t really know. Prisha states I’ve no secret. Rudra states think again. Prisha states I m sure.

He signs her regarding belly piercing. Prisha states no. Chetna states you’ve to tell us, you love Rudra, prove it. Rudra states you’re creating me lose.

her secret is … really, I won’t say, I quit. Prisha looks in him. She gratitude him.

Chetna states that’s deceiving, however quite cute, you lost the game & won in love, I’ll give you a opportunity to even the scores, tell me, who’s Prisha’s fav singer.

Prisha gets the sms & worries. Rudra states I m her fav singer. Chetna requests is it correct. Prisha states unfair, I m not Rudraksh’s fan, I don’t like any of his own songs.

Mishka requests what nonsense. Chetna requests are you severe. Prisha states I don’t like rock music. Rudra requests what are you informing. Prisha states everybody has own choice, don’t I’ve a right to distribute my feeling. Chetna states yes.

I mean… Rudra states she’s just joking, she likes my music. Prisha states don’t lie, in case I m your spouse, it doesn’t mean that I just say great regarding you, there is nothing in your music.

its cheap, real music is of mum, Vasudha, I gain peace hearing her classical music, I gain a headache hearing Rudra’s music. Everybody looks on stunned.

Rudra states Vasu’s music is various genre, why are you comparing. Prisha states I really know, you & your music aren’t equal to the dirt of my mum’s ft, I m severe, I could prove it.

my mum’s candidates respect her, Rudra’s fan behave mad, like Rudra is made for them, in case his own 2 songs flop, they’ll gain mad for someone else, is this his own respect.

their own feelings aren’t true, Rudra informs I love you to them, he likes ladies’ attention, else just how going to his own male ego gain pleased. Rudra requests her to block it as of now.

He requests Chetna to alter the topic. Prisha states why, everybody is knowing that you’re such a cheap person, you’ve becomes a rockstar so that you utilize ladies. Rudra states you’re crossing limits, what did I accomplish, tell me. Prisha states I’ll remind you, when I had come to farmhouse, there have been numerous ladies, what have been you doing, tell them.

She states its true, he utilizes ladies, like he utilized me, he’s becoming ideal couple, its just a deceive, he acts to love me for his own publicity, he wedded me to safeguard his own image.

Everybody gets stunned. Prisha states he wedded me to safeguard his own amount & career.

he utilized me. Rudra states shut up, are you in senses, the globe is watching you. She states I need the globe to hate you as I hate you Rudraksh.

Saransh cries & hugs Sharda.

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