Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2024 Episode Written Update

Rudra Just how Did You Gain The Idea Of The Video footage. She States You Could Say It Directly, Your Eyes Speak It. He Looks In Her. She States Say Gratitude. He States Eyes Are Talking It, Afterwards Hear It.

Main Tera Ban Jaunga….Plays…. They Have An Eyelock. He Holds Her & States Gratitude Prisha For Whatever You Did, The Video footage Is Going Viral, Citizens Are Praising Me & Supporting Me, Gratitude.

She States You Deserve It, I Must Say Gratitude, You Taken Big Call For Saransh. He States Afterwards Say Gratitude, Your Eyes Aren’t Talking. She States Its An Art To Read Eyes. He Requests Just how Accomplish You Read Eyes, Teach Me This Art. She States 1st Learn To Read It. She Imparts A Book.

He States Its Hard, Research & Afterwards Accomplish Homework, You Support Saransh, Who Going to Support Me. She States Fine, In case You Inquire For My Support, I Going to Support You, We Going to Research Maths 1st. He States No.

She States You Have To Research. He States Fine. She Teaches Him. He Smiles Seeing Her. He Imagines What Magic She Has, She Understands Me So Well, I Also Think Of Her. He Holds Her Face. She States I Going to See Saransh’s Homework & Come. She Gets A Sms. She Gets Stunned. She Reads…

I Really know Saransh’s Fact, He Is An Illegitimate Child, Quite Shortly Saransh Going to Really know It. She Imagines Who Knows This Fact Except Me, Amma & Appa, Whose Number Is It, In case Saransh Knows This Fact, No…

She Drops The Phone. Rudra Comes To Support. She States Everything Is Fine. He Requests What Happened. She States A Patient Is Severe,

I Have To Make A Call. He States Don’t Worry, Everything Going to Be Fine. She States I Going to Remove The Sms, Who Is Doing It, I Could’t Let Saransh Really know The Fact, I Have Tolerated Everything Until As of now, I Could’t Tolerate Anybody Calling Him Illegitimate.

She Goes To Saransh. He States You Are Globe’s Finest Mom, You Taught Me Everything In Advance. She Smiles & Hugs Him. She States I Won’t Let You Gain Wound. Yeh Hai Chahatein…Plays…. He States You Always Hug Me, Else Just how Going to I Becomes Superboy, You Don’t Cry Like This. She States I Love You A Lot.

He Requests Is There Any Different Issue. She States Keep All The Books. Rudra Comes To Him & States Its The Science Project, You Have To Support Me, You Are In Same Educational institution. Saransh States I M Not In Same Class, I M In second Standard, You Are In eighth Standard.

Rudra States Yes, You Are A Small Kid, Just Support Me. Saransh States You Have To Submit Tomorrow, Just 1 Human Could Support You. Ahana States Prisha Saved Rudra Again. Mishka States This Lady Is Capable.

Ahana States You Are My Sister. Mishka States We Attempted Everything, Homework… In case We Make Rudra Accomplish It. Ahana States As of now You Are Speaking Like My Sister, Great Schedule, I Going to Go To Rudra’s Room. Mishka States No, You Going to Tear The Pages & Leave It There, Prisha Going to Join The Pages & Fix It, I Going to Go This Time.

Ahana Agrees. Saransh Requests Prisha To Support Rudra In Project. Rudra States Its My Science Project, Wind Mill Model. Prisha States We Going to Begin Tomorrow. Rudra States I Have To Submit Tomorrow. She States It Could’t Be Made Quickly. He States I Going to Tell Them That I Made It & It Broke. She Requests Going to You Lie. He Requests What Shall I Accomplish. Saransh States Prisha Going to Make It, She Doesn’t Like To Lie. She States Fine.

He Requests Her To Take (2) The Stuff & Go. She States You Got (1) This Project, Who Going to Make It, You… Saransh Laughs. Rudra States You Also Have To Support, Come. They Begin Creating The Model. Yeh Hai Chahatein…Plays… They Make It & Laugh. Rudra States I Did It. Saransh States Mumma Did It. Rudra States Yes, She Is All Rounder. Saransh States Appreciate Her. Rudra States Gratitude Prisha. He Goes To Hug Her.

Prisha Pushes Him. Saransh States Give Him Hugs & Kisses Too. Rudra States Its Deceiving, I Also Need A Hug. He Hugs Prisha. Prisha States I Beat Saransh, Shall I Beat You Also. Saransh States Yes, Beat Him. Rudra Requests Actually. Prisha Requests Him To Take (2) Project & Sleep. She Requests Saransh To Sleep. Saransh Acts To Sleep. They Laugh. She Hugs Saransh.

Its In the morning, Saransh Wakes Up Prisha & States You Lied To Me Regarding My Dad, You Didn’t Tell Me That I M An Illegitimate Child, You Could’t Tell Me As You Don’t Really know It. She Cries & States No. He States You Are Bad, I Hate You, I Going to Not Call You Mumma, I M Going. She Shouts Saransh.

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