Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2024 Episode Written Update: Mishka plans to spoil Rudraksh’s project

Daily episode starts with Preesha informs him to say gratitude in case he wants to in place of requesting unnecessary queries. She states he’s just 1 great quality that is his own eyes speaks. She requests him to states gratitude in place of staring her. He states his own eyes talking as per her so requests her to listen that.

They stares every different, he gratitude her for uploading the video clip informing as of now everybody initiated to help him in social media(SM) & they’re praising him too. She states he deserves that & she needs to gratitude him for the call he taken for Saaransh.

He requests her to say gratitude because her eyes is not talking. She states not everybody could read the eyes. He requests her to teach him to just how to read the eyes.

He comes closer to her, she shows the book informing 1st he needs to research this book thereafter he could read the eyes.

He states it’s so tough, she helps Saaransh in studies & who’ll support him. She states she’ll support him & they’ll begin with maths because he’s so weak in that subject. She begins to teach him however he concentrates on her & imagines she’s some of the magic that she understands him quite well & he too keep thinking regarding her always.

Preesha gets a sms informing that human knows Saaransh’s fact & shortly Saaransh going to gain to really know the fact of his own birth. She wonders who’s that unfamiliar human when no 1 knows the fact different than her parents. She gets worried thinking Saaransh shouldn’t really know regarding this & drops the mobile unintentionally.

He requests why she seems tensed. She lies to him informing that sms had come from hospital (3) regarding patient so she’s to make a call & leaves from there. He shouts informing everything going to be alright she needn’t to worry. She imagines she could’t let Saaransh really know regarding his own birth fact.

Saaransh informs Preesha that he studied numerous things in advance due to her & she’s globe’s finest mom. She states she won’t let anybody wound him & takes him in her embrace.

He requests her to keep hugging him like this informing with her super hug he’s becoming super boy (Yeh hai chahatein title song plays in background). She gets emotional & her eyes gets teary. He teases her informing she’s behaving like Vasudha.

Rudraksh requests Saaransh to support him in his own science project informing he’s not understanding that just how to begin. Saaransh states they’re in same educational institution however not in same class, he’s in second standard & Rudraksh is eighth standard student.

Ahana states Preesha saved Rudraksh again. Mishka states she already informed that Preesha is capable of numerous things. She suggests her to spoil Rudraksh’s homework. Ahana praises Mishka’s schedule.

Saaransh states Rudraksh forgot regarding his own project. Rudraksh states in that uniform thing he totally forgot it. Preesha & Saaransh begins to support Rudraksh in his own project. They shares some of the happy moments awhile functioning for Rudraksh’s project. They finishes the project. Rudraksh dramatically states what going to happen to him without Preesha & has been regarding to hug her, however she pushes him.

Saaransh states she hugs & kisses him forcefully afterwards why she’s not allowing Rudraksh to hug her. Rudraksh states this is deceiving & hugs her again. She states she even beats Saaransh. Thereafter Saaransh shows the sms Preesha got (1) & requests why she lied to him.

Daily episode ends.

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