Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Prisha Fails Ahana’s Plan

The Daily episode begins with Sharda coming to Rudra. He states uniform is torn, you performed tough. Sharda states he’s to wear the uniform today, I’ll stitch a new 1. Prisha states we could’t accomplish it as of now. Rudra states dad won, I’ll be expelled.

Ahana states I’ve cut the uniform in night. Mishka states I’ve also performed tough to make the schedule successful. Ahana states fine, Principal’s case going to come & Rudra going to be out. Mishka states Saransh going to be out, what regarding Prisha. Ahana states I’ll give her the information, go fast.

Yuvraj laughs thinking of Rudra. He states Ahuja postponed on-line concert, Rahul would be happy, Rudra’s career is getting ruined, I’ll call Amma & Appa. He calls Vasu & does a drama. Gopal answers & gets angry.

Yuvraj states Prisha would be tolerating a lot. Gopal states she’ll face this status, its nothing new for Rudra, they’ll handle, you don’t want to worry for them, when the citizens really know the fact that Rudra taken admission for Saransh, afterwards they’ll praise him. Vasu requests whose call has been it. Gopal states unfair number.

Yuvraj gets angry. He states I m smarter than you, I’ll ruin Rudra’s name that citizens hate him. He gets a journalist’s call. He states derogate Rudra, I’ll pay you amount, make citizens hate him.

Ahana states why didn’t the principal call. Mishka states chill, she’ll call. Ahana states I could’t await any long. She calls the principal & states give me the information, you expelled Rudra from educational institution, you alerted him y’day. Principal requests just how shall I accomplish it, he’s worn the uniform & participating class.

Ahana states I identified out that he isn’t getting the uniform, see in case he’s wearing something else. Principal states I’ve checked. Ahana states I could’t believe it, send his own pic to me. Principal agrees. Ahana states principal is informing Rudra is wearing uniform. They gain Rudra’s pic. Ahana states this could’t be, I’ve cut his own uniform, I’ve to go & see. They go to watch Rudra.

Prisha requests accomplish you’ve any work (5). Ahana states no, we had come to see Rudra’s class, usually. They watch Rudra wearing the torn uniform with tapes fixed all over. Ahana requests what happened to his own uniform.

Prisha states we managed it this way in last moment, don’t really know who damaged it. She recalls creating Rudra wear the torn uniform & fixing it. She gets the tapes & stapler. She requests him to wear it. Rudra wears it & comes. They laugh seeing him. Rudra states I don’t need to wear it.

Prisha states sorry, however you could wear this pant, it won’t be witnessed, set the camera so that just upper portion of shirt is witnessed. Rudra gets angry.

Prisha requests him to sit. FB ends. Ahana states you fooled the principal well. Prisha states I fulfilled the assure, we’ll make new uniform tomorrow, are you upset.

Ahana states no, I m not upset. She imagines Prisha failed my schedule again. She goes. Rudra finishes the call. He states I Saturday still like a statue, my neck got (1) stiff. Prisha states its strange.

He states yes, I seem like a joker. She states some of the issue is happening each day, someone is doing this so that you gain expelled from educational institution.

He states dad going to accomplish it, he’s creating someone accomplish it. She states we won’t blame him like before, we want some of the evidence. He requests just how. She states we’ll gain evidence to catch that human red-handed.

Balraj requests didn’t you gain anything debatable regarding Prisha, this is ridiculous, I’ll manage it myself. He goes & sees Rudra getting cctv camera installed in his own room. Balraj requests the person to leave.

He requests why did you want it. Rudra states some of the issues are happening, this cctv camera going to locate out. Balraj states you mean a family (4) member is doing this, who’ll accomplish it, are you doubting me. Rudra states yes. Balraj requests did you go mad, I m your dad, I’ll beat you, not tear your clothes, just Prisha could accomplish bad to you. Prisha states I m not any outsider, I m Rudra’s spouse, I recommended him to gain cctv camera to bring fact out.

He states its you again. She states yes, I suggest a camera to be installed in your room to bring fact out. Balraj states give nonsense ideas to Rudra.

Rudra states don’t be upset, we’re doing this to locate the fact. Balraj imagines she’s creating my son far away, there is just 1 way, I’ll make her far from Rudra’s personal life.He goes. Yuvraj comes to Rahul & states Rudra’s concert is postponed, he’s getting defamed. Rahul states he’s getting praised, Prisha has shared the announcement in Rudra’s favor. Yuvraj sees the video footage. Prisha states Rudra didn’t conceal anything, he risked his own career for his own son’s future.

He wants to research ahead, he’s much courage, he understood just how the media going to react, Saransh & I are proud of him, I hope you all feel proud & love him extra.

Rahul states negative publicity changed into positive 1, you lost to a lady, I hired you, as of now I question my call. He goes. Yuvraj states Prisha is a mad lady, she’s going over me, no, I won’t let this happen, watch what I accomplish as of now.

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