Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudra Takes A Decision

The Daily episode begins with Ahana requesting prinipal just how did she pass Saransh, just how dare she. Principal states sorry, all his own answers have been right. Ahana states so what, you must have failed him. Principal states our names & prestige would’ve spoiled in case we failed him & paper got (1) rechecked.

Ahana states I informed them that parents of the kid must be a graduate, this is the admission policy. Principal states however Prisha is educated. Ahana states Rudraksh is not educated. Principal states he’s a big rockstar. Ahana states he isn’t well-educated, even in case anybody calls you, tell the same policy. She states Prisha, its your turn as of now, I’ll watch just how you gain your son confessed in my educational institution, its a see mate move.

Gopal & Vasu come to meet the jeweler. She requests him to show her jewelry. Jeweler states its held in safe, the person who taken the keys didn’t come, he’ll want sometime, I’ll send jewelry in your house. Vasu states no, call that person as of now.

He states he won’t come shortly. She states I’ll call the police, I need to see my jewelry, you’re forgetting that Gopal is a retired judge, in case he makes 1 call, police going to come. He states just sit, I’ll try to gain it.

He goes. Gopal states he helped me by granting amount, why are you doing this. She imagines once I gain evidence, you’ll watch the fact. Rudra sadly plays guitar. Prisha states Saransh’s admission happened in the other educational institution. Rudra states he’d to go in same educational institution. Prisha states this educational institution is quite great. Saransh states I m happy, I’ll make new friends.

They go. Rudra states just how did Saransh alter his own mind. Vasu states watch he got (1) late. Jeweler states sorry, I got (1) late, however I got (1) the keys. Vasu states just show it shortly. She imagines just how going to he show it, Mishka has been wearing my necklace. Jeweler shows the necklace.

Vasu gets stunned. He imagines I got (1) saved. He recalls gathering Ahana & getting the necklace for her, maintaining it back within the safe. He requests are you pleased as of now, going to I accomplish unfair, accomplish you need to gain it as of now. She takes the necklace. She imagines just how did it come within the safe suddenly. She goes. Rudra goes to meet Saransh.

He hears Saransh speaking on call. Saransh states I m quite sad, Rudra is sad, I don’t need to look sad regarding admission in new educational institution, I’ll miss you all, I could accomplish anything for my Rudra. Rudra cries & imagines Saransh loves me a lot, Rajeev is with me in his own avatar, Saransh going to research within the educational institution he wants.

Ahana likes the lunch. She requests Saransh what new toys & games he wants. Saransh states I already have it. She states you’ve much free time. Prisha states I got (1) his own admission finished somewhere else. Ahana states that’s wonderful. Rudra comes & states Saransh going to go to his own old educational institution.

Ahana states no, my silly, Prisha stated Saransh got (1) admission within the new educational institution. He states yes, however I postponed it & got (1) him confessed in your educational institution. Saransh smiles. Mishka requests just how did you gain it. He states quite easily.

Ahana requests what accomplish you mean, you remember the educational institution policy, just how could you break regulations. He states I m following the regulations. She requests what accomplish you mean. He states I also taken admission in your educational institution. She requests what are you speaking regarding.

He states I’ll also research there. Everybody gets stunned. He states Saransh got (1) admission in second grade & I got (1) in eighth grade, I spoke to educational institution officials & they accepted.

I’ll be educated from their own educational institution, Rudra is the student of their own educational institution as of now, I’ll full my education that I must have finished in childhood, breaking information is that I’ll full my studies with my son in my son’s educational institution.

Ahana requests what’s unfair with you, you’re a celebrity, this going to be countrywide information, you’ll be termed like a cartoon.

He requests shall I let Saransh’s future gain ruined, let anything happen. She states think regarding it. Balraj requests are you in senses, forget all this. Rudra requests what going to you accomplish, going to you beat me, my call won’t alter. Balraj requests who’re you to decide, I m the eldest member in family (4), I’ll decide it.

Rudra requests just how long going to you decide, let me also grow up, let me decide. Balraj states you’ll becomes a joke for the globe in case you accomplish this, this name, amount & popularity, I got (1) this for you, you’ll ruin my hardwork, you’ll not research, you’re worse than children, even a kid won’t accomplish this.

Rudra states what you did is unfair, you’ve beaten me & didn’t let me research, just how could you think of that, did you feel bad to hear fact. Balraj states I m feeling bad to watch your foolishness.

I’ve suspended you so that you becomes a sing, I made your personal life, you just remembered that I suspended you from going to educational institution, this proves you’re so selfish. Rudra states you’re selfish.

you snatched my childhood, I didn’t need all this name, amount & popularity, I m saving my son’s childhood, I won’t let the same happen with Saransh, I’ll research with him, my son is creating me accomplish this that you must have finished as a dad. Balraj gets angry.

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