Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudraksh tells Preesha about his abusive childhood

Daily episode starts with Ahana states she understands Rudraksh quite well, seeing Rudraksh attitude towards query paper she guessed it what he’ll accomplish next so she reported Principal to give him unfair query paper. Rudraksh shocks listening him. She states what he did has been unfair & they’ll really know Saaransh’s result shortly. Preesha scolds Rudraksh.

He states he just attempted to support Saaransh. She states he wasn’t contributing Saaransh instead demonstrating unfair path to him. He knows what he did has been unfair, he just wanted to watch Saaransh happy because Saaransh badly wanted admission on that educational institution & he praises Preesha’s upbringing.

She states he could’t conceal his own error by praising her. He informs her just how Saaransh repatriated him all this chits without seeing that because he didn’t wanted to deceive & he did right by repatriating otherwise each answers would were unfair. Preesha states she’s so proud of Saaransh.

Saaransh gratitude her. Rudraksh imagines Saaransh is lucky to gain Preesha as his own mom not everybody gets super mom like him. Saaransh takes selfies with Preesha.

Rudraksh imagines Preesha died Rajeev & he’s praising her & imagines what’s happening him. He states Preesha seems various than his own imagination & he could’t able to hate her even although he wants to hate her. Preesha takes selfie with Rudraksh & states she forgave him & requests him to not repeat the error. Saaransh joins them.

She requests why he’s staring her. He states he has been just thinking why she’s doctor because she must be lawyer for the way she requests queries & shifts the mind.

Ahana calls them to tell regarding Saaransh’s examination result. She shocks seeing the result. Rudraksh takes the mobile from her hand & gets happy seeing Saaransh’s result.

He reports Preesha that Saaransh moved in entrance examination. Preesha states Saaransh’s tough work (5) made payment him & she’s so proud of him. Ahana scolds Principal for over her command in mind. Rudraksh & Preesha talks regarding the preparations they’ve to accomplish. Ahana imagines just how to quash the admission.

She states Saaransh moved in entrance examination still his own admission could’t happen in her educational institution. She states as per their own educational institution policy parents must be educated afterwards only their own kids could gain admission in their own educational institution otherwise not. Preesha states she’s doctor & Rudraksh is big rock star so evident they’re educated afterwards what’s the issue.

Ahana gets stunned & requests Rudraksh why he didn’t tell Preesha, she’s his own spouse, she’s all rights to really know that. She states Rudraksh didn’t full his own degree & this she could’t support them in this because educational institution officials are stringent with their own policies. She imagines this time she won because even God could’t alter Rudraksh past afterwards what Preesha could accomplish.

Preesha informs Saaransh that he moved in his own entrance examination. He gets happy & begins to dance. She states he could’t go to that educational institution due to some of the different reason. He leaves from there sadly. She states Rudraksh shouldn’t run far from his own issue & requests him to accomplish on-line degree course.

She states she’ll support him, he just want to give entrance examination as of now. He states he could’t give entrance examination. He states he didn’t even finished his own schooling & states his own dad didn’t let him full his own 10th standard to make him singer. Saaransh overhears their own talks.

Rudraksh informs Preesha regarding the offensive childhood he faced from his own dad. Sharda states everything happened ahead of her eyes however she has been helpless to accomplish anything for him. Saaransh states Preesha going to safeguard Rudraksh from Balraj informing in case she’s super mom for him afterwards she’s super spouse for Rudraksh.

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