World Heritage Fossil: New genus of Australian lion found in Queensland’s Riversleigh

A marsupial lion which, in its heyday, could have experienced some critters”shaking in their boots”, was validated as a new genus.

The brand new genus of the marsupial lion has been formerly thought to be a part of Priscileo roskellyae (Thylacoleonidae) but has been found to be another supremely specialised carnivore

Each of Riversleigh’s lions are overrun by the Exact striking teeth capable of slicing directly through bones

Researchers state climate variation from the fossil record in Riversleigh has been”that the best way to predict the future”

Lekaneleo was home to the Riversleigh World Heritage area and Adels Grove.

The region is a fossil spot.

The feline was roughly the size of the domestic cats, which had been formerly thought to be a portion of their Priscileo roskellyae (Thylacoleonidae) genus due to its teeth — together with three premolars and four molars — also due to its comparatively modest size.

A study paper composed by the University of New South Wales’ Anna Gillespie, Michael Archer and Suzanne Hand has detailed the reclassification that Dr Archer said was among”the arousing ones”.

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