Won’t stop posting content, be intimidated: Vir Das on receiving abuses

Mumbai (Bombay): Star-comedian Vir Das on Thu. stated he won’t be intimidated by on-line hate, however appealed followers to avoid the “monsoon of abuses” coming his own way from trolls by not reading the comments on his own Twitter.

Das’ remarks had come a day after multiple comics, involving Aadar Malik, Sahil Shah, & Azeem Banatwalla, apologized for their own yrs. old & “out-of-context” video clips & social media(SM) posts that have resurfaced on-line.

The comedians stated they have been sorry in case they’d offended (or) wound anybody’s religious feelings & also appealed that their own families be spared of on-line vitriol.

Das published a note on Twitter, informing he’d continue to distribute stand-up content, however just won’t read comments on his own page “for regarding 4 (or) 5 days”.

“That’s all. Like some Indian comics now, my comments segment is a monsoon of offensive language. Avoidable. That doesn’t mean I’m going to block publishing content (or) be intimidated in any way shape, (or) form.

“However I’m just not reading them. & in case I’m not reading them, & you’re not reading them, the angry don’t gain the attention they crave. So enjoy the content, avoid the comments,” the 41-year-old comic wrote.

Just recently, multiple comics like Das, Rohan Joshi, & Kaneez Surka had claimed that their own personal contact info & addresses have been leaked on-line, that resulted in vicious trolling.

Das stated he has been overwhelmed with the love & help coming his own way.

“I need to appreciate you for it. This isn’t so bad, you must read some of the of my reviews. Extra content shortly. Peace,” the “Hasmukh” star added further.

Previously this week, Twitter consumers dug out screenshots of jokes of some of the comics, involving Varun Grover, Aditi Mittal, Abish Mathew, that they’d cracked in the last.

These consumers claim that comedians utilized Hindu gods in their own joke punchlines & initiated trending #HinduphobicComedyIndustry.

On Tue., private contact information of these comics have been revealed from an anonymous Twitter account(a/c). The account(a/c) has been thereafter discontinued.