Vegetable prices go up after incessant rains in the state

Hyderabad(Hyd):  In a time when citizens are already struggling with the epidemic & its economic effects the incessant rains in this city have added further within the problem as it led to rising the costs of vegetables.

“The rainfall suspended on Aug 23. We’re still assessing the damage that the incessant rains have caused. We receive tomatoes from Chevella, Medchal & some of the dists of Maharashtra(MH). Different vegetables like lady finger, brinjal arrive from Gadwal, Anantapur,” stated director of agricultural marketing, G Lakshmi Bai.

The costs of brinjal, beans, & carrots amongst remaining have rised by INR 15-20 per kg. The tomato costs almost doubled from INR 20 to INR 40 between Aug one & 24.

Rythu Bazaar

There is a drop within the arrival of vegetables in Rythu Bazaars & retail shops in this city, leads to the costs of vegetables like tomatoes, green chili, brinjal, beans, carrot, & remaining going up.

Awhile the vegetables caused about INR 30 originally this mo is as of now about INR 70 o wholesale shops. Although, retail shops are selling chilies in INR 80 to INR 100 a kilo.

Similarly, tomatoes that have been available in INR 16 a kg as of now cost INR 30 a kg awhile beans, carrot, & brinjal have been sold in INR 70, INR 60 & INR 40 a kg respectively. These costs are in Rythu Bazaars, awhile the costs are at the least INR 10 extra per kg in retail shops.

Normally, vegetables would be sold in lesser costs as kharif crops that were sown with the starting of monsoon lead to sufficient arrivals. Although, the supply has been affected after heavy rains damaged crops within the neighbouring dists.