US mulls travel ban on Chinese Communist Party members: Report

Washington(WA): US President Donald Trump’s administration is discussing a sweeping ban on travel from members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) & their own families, a media record stated.

The presidential proclamation is still in its draft form & Trump might ultimately refuse it, The Hill information site quoted The NY Times record as informing on Wed., citing unnamed sources.

The recorded draft ban may also authorize the US to revoke visas of party members & their own families who’re already within the nation, as per the repor.

The order would cite the same statute within the Immigration & Nationality Act the Trump administration utilized in 2017 in the context of a travel ban on multiple mostly Muslim nations, The NY Times record stated.

It furthermore stated that the statute imparts the President power to temporarily stop travel to the US by foreign nationals who’re deemed “detrimental to the concern” of the nation.

There has been no officer comment on the development (devt) yet.