US Media Projections: Joe Biden Wins Democratic Primaries In 7 States

Burlington: Joe Biden captured the momentum in the race to become the Democratic challenger to President Donald Trump using a series of Super Tuesday victories against leftist rival Bernie Sanders following his candidacy had appeared near collapse.

A socialist who would like to reshape the market of America, Sanders was the leader and was trying to find a blow on a day once nomination competitions were held across 14 states.

Rather, a comeback was signaled by the outcomes under Barack Obama, who will vie more for this particular frontrunner status for Biden.

“it is a fantastic night and it appears to be getting even better! They do not call it Super Tuesday for nothing,” Biden told cheering fans in Los Angeles.

78, sanders, has been estimated to win his home state of Vermont Utah — with exit surveys pointing to a triumph in the largest state California, of all.

The campaign of Biden, whose, had been estimated to win at North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia and Minnesota — a country where Sanders was expected to win.

Where Sanders had been polling Biden appeared place for a triumph — or an even divide.

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