UK Woman, Jam Captures Perfect ‘Eye Of The Storm’ Snap In Storm Ciara

A 48-year-old woman has snapped the perfect ‘eye of the storm’ just seconds following Storm Ciara wreaked havoc around the UK, Ireland.

Original Photos show the natural cloud formation that formed around a full moon, transforming it look like Nature was showing a watchful eye over the earth once the storm had subsided.

48, sarah Hodges, took a few snaps to discuss with her loved ones and, expecting to share the sight from Bolton, observed that the moon shining bright on the night on 11.

With merely a Samsung S9 telephone, Sarah took several snaps prior to submitting them Facebook – little didn’t realise they’d go viral, getting over 2.3K enjoys and 35K stocks as users commended her for your amazing pictures.

1 user wrote: “Wow, mom nature. 100 percent amazing.” Still another said:”Nature’s eye”

A third just wrote: “Gorgeous”.

Sarah, who functions fulltime as a baker, stated: “I shot the photos Tuesday 11 Feb 2024, involving 9.34 pm and 9.39 pm only from my bedroom at my home address.”

Explaining that she took the snaps only following the weather had calmed down, Sarah added: “The moon was shining through the kitchen window so that I went upstairs and just kept taking photos…

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