Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Malhar breaking the lock & opening the door of Aparna’s home.

Kalyani & Malhar coming inside the room & search for the evidences.

Malhar states Mukku’s Nani is clever & cleaned the room well, she has been clued that we’ll come here for inquiry.

Constable calls Malhar & requests him regarding the lady’s description.

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Malhar states the lady is oversmart & she’s with a lady. It seems she got training from someone.

Kalyani takes the call & informs that the lady is lovely, though she wears torn clothes, however rich in heart. She states she’s to bear numerous problems in such a young age, however she’s still childish in her eyes.

She states when she does mischief afterwards could bring smile on anybody’s face. She states she likes to see movies & imparts filmy names to everybody.

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Malhar requests her to give the call. Kalyani states just think that in case Malhar ji & I’ve a daughter afterwards it’d be Mukku’s reflection. Malhar is surprised & takes the phone from her hand. He requests just how she could gain emotional for stranger lady & crying for her.

Kalyani states I don’t know that why I feel connection/Raabta with her & states I hope she’s not in any problem. She sees Mata Rani’s frame & lights match stick on her hand, awhile Malhar is searching evidences within the cupboard.

Kalyani prays to Devimaa & states that lady is small, however imagines herself nice. She requests her to protect her daughter. Malhar sees matching stick lightning in her hand & shouts Kalyani. Mukku & Aparna is going somewhere.

Mukku imagines Amma informed that only great destiny citizens gain great mothers & imagines in case I gain destiny afterwards could make Kalyani as my mom. Aparna imagines she’s to leave the city & as of now this lady has to bring the amount. Mukku requests Aparna where is Kismat?

Aparna gets disturbed & states it’s in her hands. She locates the holes in her sarees & beats up Mukku, also makes her fall within the field. Malhar tries to block Kalyani, however she imparts him Moksh’s assure.

The police official comes there & requests why are you beating the lady? Mukku states Amma wasn’t beating me, I fallen by myself. Police Official offers to drop them. Aparna rejects. Mukku sits on his own two-wheeler. The official requests Aparna to sit & requests in case she’s finished offence to gain scared from him.

Kalyani informs Malhar that the lady stated easily that in case my son is lost afterwards she’ll becomes my daughter. She states I were yearning for my son, you’ve sent Mukku in my personal life.

She states whenever she’s in problem, my heart wrenches for her & prays for her. Malhar states we shall go out & inquire the neighbours.

Kalyani states my Aai had inquired me to accomplish this mantra jaap for 108 times, afterwards all this issues going to be solved. She feels that Mukku needs her prayers as of now & states nobody could block her from praying for her daughter. She starts the jaap. Malhar goes out.

The police official drops the lady to the {hospital}. Mukku gratitude him for dropping her there. She sees his own tattoo & requests in case this design is destiny.

He states because of destiny, he’s job & house. She gets filmy & states you’ve home, entire family, job & this two-wheeler because of destiny. She requests accomplish you’ve a mom.

He states yes & informs that he’ll make her have vada made by his own mom & requests her to come to PS when she gets okay. Aparna requests Mukku to come & takes her inside.

Malhar calls the same Police official & informs regarding Mukku. The police workplace informs him that he’s dropped the lady to Dr. Chandrakant’s {hospital}. Malhar comes to Kalyani & maintains his own hand on the diya. He informs her that Mukku is identified. Kalyani gratitude Mata Rani.

They sit in car. Kalyani requests Malhar to drive the car fast & informs that she’s in problem. Malhar states you’re worried for her much. Mukku is now in the operation bed. Aparna talks to Yashwant on call & informs that just like I stated that Mukku going to make the amount arrangements & smirks.

Doctor informs Mukku that her Nani inquired him to gain destiny marked on her hand. Mukku requests actually? He states yes. He gets the injection prepared to make her senseless, informs that he’ll make her destiny. Mukku faints. Doctor informs that after 30 mins, he’ll operate on her.

Aparna informs that she’s granting 1 kidney of the lady & requests him to rise 50000 extra. The doctor nods his own head in settlement. Aparna informs that she’ll await outdoor & requests him to accomplish it fast. Kalyani & Malhar are still on the way.

The doctor turns Mukku to side & cleans her backside. He’s regarding to make incision on Mukku to operation on her, when Kalyani comes there & stops the doctor. She requests what you have been doing? Doctor pushes her & is regarding to run. Malhar catches & beats him.

He requests what has been he doing with Mukku? Doctor informs that he has been selling kidney first time. Kalyani requests him to gain the doctor’s license captured.

Doctor informs that a lady took her here for operation. Aparna hears them & imagines she could’t come infront of them, else they’ll approach Moksh. Doctor runs far away.

Kalyani requests Mukku to open her eyes. Malhar states her Nani may have took her here. Kalyani states in case they’d not come, afterwards don’t really know what had happened with her. She states you’ve assured me to becomes my daughter & requests her to open her eyes.

Malhar states her pulse is okay, she’s in anesthesia impact. He states we shall take her house & requests her not to worry. He lifts her & takes her to Kalyani’s home. Kalyani & Anupriya monitor her. Kalyani informs Anupriya that Mukku opened her eyes a bit 2 times. Mukku gains consciousness & sees Kalyani. Kalyani hugs her.

Anupriya requests her to feed lemon & salt water. Kalyani makes her drink water. She requests in case she’s okay & states you made me so worried. She states we’ll call doctor uncle & gain checkup finished to ensure that everything is okay. Mukku states no. Kalyani states I’ll be with you.

Mukku imagines Amma had stated that in case doctor checks me in unclothed, afterwards Amma going to leave me & afterwards I could’t locate my Aai & baba. Kalyani imagines why is she worried.

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Ongoing Updates: 27th October 2024 / (27-10-2020)

First episode date: 3 September 2018
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 491
Directed by: Sanjay Satavase, Akhilesh Bhagat
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Tujhse Hai Raabta Cast:

  • Sehban Azim
  • Reem Shaikh

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