Trump: Despite Huge Security, 5 Langurs Deployed To Protect Trump From Monkey Attack In Agra

Many controversies have erupted since US President Donald Trump’s trip to India was verified. To begin with, a wall to conceal poverty and slums throughout the roadshow from the city of Trump was constructed by police in Ahmedabad.

Second, many slum-dwellers were served an eviction notice from the city of Gujarat and at Agra, police released water to”ecologically dead” Yamuna to allow it to look tidy when Trump visits Taj Mahal together with all the First Lady Melania Trump.

Now, to stop a fighter attack on the US President, five langurs are added to his safety team for langurs to control monkeys.

Despite security arrangement, it appeared difficult to protect against a menace from the city of Agra, a fighter attack. The safety agencies are concerned about monkeys that make.

To handle it, the security agencies have set five langurs (long-tailed monkeys) over the path of Trump’s convoy.

His wife Melania Trump and the US President are advised to stop by Taj Mahal on February 24.

Security arrangements are made. According to sources, the safety of his household and Trump has been managed from the American Secret Services, 10 companies of paramilitary forces, 10 businesses of NSG and PAC commandos have been set up for its safety that was outside.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have for the first time awarded mud-cap remedy to the graves of both Emperor Shahjahan and Empress Mumtaz Mahal.

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