Top Packaging Design Trends for 2024

We all know that packaging sometimes sells goods, so it should be given full attention. When it comes to packaging design, this year also brings us a lot of innovations and original ideas. Playing with colors, shapes, and materials is in trend this year, so we are not surprised by the appearance of new and striking packaging. However, some old trends, such as personalized packaging, are still not losing their popularity. Therefore, we present to you the top packaging design trends for 2024.

Packaging Is Often The Reason For Buying

Box has a primary product protection role. However, packaging can also be used as a marketing tool to promote products and improve sales. It helps to introduce manufacturers to the product in the market. Many factors affect customer behavior, one of the most important is the appearance or design of the packaging. Design is very important in terms of marketing and defining the position of the product on the market.

The packaging of a particular product is helping the direct physical encounters between the customer and the product. At the moment of encountering the packaging, the customer impulsively decides to buy a product on a conscious or unconscious level.


Packaging As A Challenge For Designers

Today, there is a lot of competition on the market not only when it comes to products – but also their packaging. Before any consideration of a possible design – it is necessary to consider the product itself. The challenge posed to the designer is: How to get the customer to choose exactly his product from several of the same products from different manufacturers?

What Kind Of Packaging Attracts Customers?

The typical consumer usually goes to the store and buys what he likes. The product will hold the consumer’s attention for just as short as a few seconds. That means that the packaging must send a message that will motivate the customer to buy a product in a short time.

The basic visual information that we can use is the text, image, and color, and the materials from which the packaging is made. Certainly, trends in design have changed over the decades. The last decades have brought us new and interesting trends. However, this year we can see the return of some old trends that have been somewhat upgraded. Here are the top packaging design trends for 2024.


Minimalism And Simplicity

Minimalism is the old-new trend and it seems that more and more brands are adopting it and working on its improvement. However, minimalism has risen to a higher level. With a minimalist approach to packaging design, everything that is superfluous is eliminated. All that remains is a simple form that speaks for itself. Typography or bright colors, in this case, come to the fore even more. Also, the personalized text can be a great choice.

According to, personalized boxes are a typical example of this design trend.

Namely, they can, to some extent, completely reshape your business. Whether you will imprint your logo on a box of an interesting shape, or you will be accompanied by a brand with an original slogan – this design trick is still one of the most effective on the market. Customers love it when you address them- so this is an already tried and tested recipe for a good sale of your product.

Bright Colors And Transitions

No wonder the bright color transitions continue to be a great fascination for consumers and the designers themselves. The transitions allow designers to create something new and fresh – by blending in color blends, which will create a unique and unrepeatable whole.

Not only do transitions bring a depth effect, but they are also great for digital display and formats. You can notice some great examples of neon packaging with transitions and combinations of bright colors.

Over time, such design solutions have managed to become the “main theme” of packaging from being just an ordinary detail. Today, for many products, this design occupies a key position in the design solution.


Black And White Packaging

This is already a pure classic and one that doesn’t go out of fashion. Maybe your first thought will be that this is too boring or simple. However, when you reduce the palette to only two colors – the biggest challenge is creating and the result is a powerful design.

The dynamism that these two colors bring when combined is an inexhaustible inspiration for many designers. Black and white can create an illusion simply and effectively, separate or combine two elements in the design – and sometimes make a far better effect than bright colors.

Moreover, with bright colors, you have to be careful because you can achieve the exact opposite effect. With a black and white combination, you can’t go wrong.

Organic And Neutral Colors

When organic color palettes are mentioned, most will think only of beige. Still, designers know better than that. They will mix everything from pale pink, over the color of apricot, to green and chocolate or cream shades.

These neutral and organic colors, which are associated with nature, are becoming a real hit in design – not only in packaging but also in fashion. Increasingly, we see neutral product packaging, where it is clear how designers play with neutral colors such as brown, beige, cream, or pink – to achieve the effect of gentle and eye-catching design. These combinations bring consumers a pleasant feeling of serenity when picking up a favorite product.


Packaging Inspired By Fine Arts

And packaging can be a real little work of art. Designers, inspired by the paintings of great artists, often use similar motifs or coloring as some of the famous paintings. It is this detail that will be receptive to the customer’s eye, especially if the customer is also an artistic soul. Therefore, you can save your wine bottle with such a motive as a unique small work of art on glass.

Vintage Inspiration

This retro trend has been popular in design for years – and it seems that it will not be changed soon. This aesthetic is especially interesting when creating a design for packaging food or drinks. What attracts consumers to this trend is the feeling of luxury, tradition, and authenticity. That is why they choose product packaging with vintage fonts, handwritten letters, and a retro color palette and motives.


The Bottom Line

Whatever trend you would like your customers to see combined with another trend from our list for 2024 – let the professionals create the most effective design solution. Never forget that packaging contributes a lot to your brand and can tell the story of your product.