This could be our first look at Sony’s canceled Xperia Play 2

Back when Sony Ericsson has been still a thing, the firm had initiated an innovative Android device geared towards mobile gamers — the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The device featured a sliding process hidden underneath the display, that can be opened to disclose a D-pad, 2 touchpads to be utilized as joysticks, PlayStation buttons, & begin/select buttons. The device has been designed to play PlayStation mobile games & it has been quite a hit amongst enthusiasts. However sadly, Sony didn’t refresh the device within the following yrs. & the firm’s gaming smartphone lineup met an untimely death.  Although, it as of now turns out that Sony had, in reality, being functioning on a second-gen Xperia Play & we as of now have our 1st look in the canceled Xperia Play 2.

As you could watch within the attached pictures, the Xperia Play Two prototype features a similar sliding process as its predecessor. The controller features the same selection of buttons & trackpads, however buttons on the device were slightly rearranged, it’s a black & red colour scheme, & there’s an extra button marked 3D.

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