Swifty Net Worth 2024


John Pyle, popularly known by his streaming and gaming name Swifty, streams his games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch where his skills are appreciated by many viewers. He has close to 700 thousand subscribers on Youtube.

To know more about the games he plays, how much he earns through gaming and his net worth read till the end. I guarantee that you will be amused to see the amount he makes just through YouTube ads.

About Swifty

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This legend was born on 8th April in the year 1980, in the United States of America. In the year 2024, he will be 52 years old. He is on the list of the richest YouTubers in the world. Just by doing something he likes he has made millions of dollars and has become a successful person in the same field.

He started this channel in the year 2006 and is actively posting videos and streaming regularly ensuring great entertaining content for his viewers. Not just one but he is managing two YouTube channels, the second one was started in the year 2011 and has around 250 thousand subscribers. His subscriber count is almost 1,000,000 which is kind of more than the average these days

Early Life And Family

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Details about his family are barely known, the only thing which we surely know about his family is about his sister, Cathy.

In his youth, he used to be a good skater, but one day he went through an accident, and because of the same he couldn’t enter competitions or skate on a professional level. It was then that he decided to start gaming and streaming, and soon he became a PC gamer and WoW player.

About his love life, he used to date Azi, but they broke up. He lives a very private life therefore not much information is available about his early life or family.

His Career And Major Milestones

His career as a gamer began in 2006 after the creation of his first YouTube channel. He focuses on ensuring the promotion of a positive and healthy lifestyle, which motivates other gamers who view his videos to do the same and stay fit.

He also has a channel on Twitch, where he has around 600,000 followers. He focuses on streaming games like world of warcraft, call of duty, counter strike, grand theft auto, Minecraft, and many more famous games that viewers love to watch.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Swifty

Just from YouTube ads, he earns around 600k.
Once during the live stream mistakenly he revealed the amount he makes through donations, which estimates to be around $180,000.
He was once Banned from his most popular game world of warcraft because of some issue and he couldn’t stream for a while.

Net Worth

John Pyle, aka Swifty’s Net Worth, is around 1 million dollars. Most of his earnings are through the ads that play on his videos on YouTube and others through streaming on Twitch. There are more ways than he can accumulate money, like sponsors, donations, and promoting products or equipment.