Creating a Stylish Luxury Home With Natural Stone

Most savvy homeowners are interested in creating a statement in their interior design. Achieving a zen-like interior ambiance is possible by incorporating symbols of beautiful design and timeless decor. The natural stone helps you create an interior design that allows you to retreat to the external world and dramatically provides warmth to your interior.

Natural stone is a versatile material that you can incorporate in several places in your home. You can opt to add the luxurious element in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, flooring option, among others. Most people incorporate natural stone from Saturnia into their home due to its versatile colors, textures, and ability to complement your décor.

Some of the prevalent areas to add the rustic appeal of the natural stone include:

The Foyer


Natural stone is an elegant material to add to your foyer. This material looks elegant and a practical decorative element to add to this area. Since the entrance is prone to mud and water, the natural stone makes the cleaning process very seamless. If you opt for unique textures of the natural stone, you can create a stylish entryway that is quite striking.

The stone does not also lose its natural appeal even after several years, and it will add a rich and expensive texture to your foyer. The beauty, practicality, versatility, and durability of this material allow it to withstand the test of time.

Wall Cladding


Wall cladding using natural stone primarily involves the addition of stone covering on your walls. You can use this element to layer walls made from steel, cement, or concrete. You can use natural stone finishes such as the Bianco Maremma, Montemerano Classico, and Etrusco.

Since natural stone finishes come in various colors, patterns, textures, and designs to provide elegance to your walls, it also creates a robust protective material that aids in insulation and maintenance of stable temperatures in your home.

The primary advantages of adding natural stone to your wall cladding endeavors include:

Rustic touch- the stone finishes create a soothing and elegant effect on your walls.

Asymmetrical beauty-adding rectangular-shaped stone finishes on your walls will add asymmetrical beauty. The unfinished appearance of the stone adds ambiance to any room.

Black beauty-you can opt to add black stone finishes in areas such as the bathroom or bedroom. The timeless element will add a cozy look to your space.

Create serene space-these stone finishes enable to create a unique space that is quite pleasing to the eyes. These stone décor elements can withstand harsh elements even when used in outdoor areas.



Natural stone is the leading decorative element to add to the kitchen as it polishes the kitchen and adds a rustic touch to your space. The durability of stone also makes it the best feature to add to your cooking space. Importantly stone has minimal maintenance requirements and will dramatically stand the test of time.

Stone is also appealing due to its gorgeous aesthetics, and when added to the countertops, it will create a universally appealing element. Stone is a solid material that is seamless to clean and maintain. This element will not change its original color or texture even after a prolonged period of use.

Stone Tiles


Natural stone is among the leading flooring ideas in contemporary homes, and you can incorporate stone tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or other space.

The stone tiles are stylish and spectacular design elements for your floors.

You can opt to select decorative patterns and gorgeous textures which add a beautiful design to your floor. Natural stone tiles made from materials such as Montemerano Classico or Etrusco add opulence to your home. Some of the main advantages to investing in stone tiles include:

Durability-stone tiles are robust and can withstand well even in areas of very high traffic. These materials are durable and timeless materials to add to your home.

Easy to maintain-natural stone tiles only require cleaning; in most instances, they will remain in good condition even after many years.

Practically-the intricate details of natural stone make them an attractive option to add to your space.

You can also incorporate mosaic tiles, which are ancient tile designs with decorative materials and are stylish. Natural stone tiles will create unique mosaic tiles which make unique decorations and artistic appearance. There are also geometric shapes that can create unique designs for your home. Typically, it is possible to add custom-made mosaic tiles which are engineered with contemporary technologies.



Using natural stone in your bathroom creates a cozy and rustic touch in your room. These elements are an excellent addition to your backsplashes, countertops, or bathroom flooring. When you use natural stone in your bathroom, you must apply a suitable sealant since this area is prone to high moisture levels. The sealant prevents mildew and water penetration to the stone.

Incorporating natural stone in the bathroom will add aesthetic appeal and skyrocket the value of your home. It also provides great functionality as the material is durable and sturdy.

Lighting Fixtures


Another creative method of using natural stones is adding them to the lighting fixtures such as table lamps or pendant lights. The stone elements create spectacular and contemporary lighting fixtures. It will bring exclusiveness and unique chic to your office or home interior.

You can purchase different stone shapes such as rectangular, oval shapes, or some customized shapes. Different color hues are personalized according to your existing décor. Stone lighting fixtures enable you to light your interior or outdoor space with luxurious earthly elements. Additionally, you add richness to the existing décor of your home.

Key Takeaway

Natural stone adds beauty, rustic appeal, uniqueness, and sophistication to your home. These materials are timeless elements of interior and exterior designs and will require minimal attention, and are seamless to implement in your home. However, it is essential to note that natural stones are porous materials and absorb food particles, moisture, and bacteria. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the stone is well sealed. If you’d like to see more luxury and beautiful home designs, check out Beautiful Homes at .

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