How Smart Technology Is Improving Your Dog’s Life

Technology has become an integral part of human life, but it’s also having a positive effect on the lives of our pooches, too. There is a wealth of pet products available today that not only help us to take better care of our furry pals, but it actually promotes the health and safety of our dogs. Items such as pet cams, automated toys, smart fences, and even training and health monitoring smart collar products keep our pups healthy and safe.

GPS Collars and Smart Fences (including the smart collar)


Today’s pups benefit greatly from daily exercise; however, our busy lives don’t always allow for pet parents to spend hours taking their pet to the park or for a long hike every day. So, some pet parents allow Fido to spend some time playing outdoors. Depending on where one lives, a fenced-in backyard just isn’t feasible; plus, some pet parents can’t afford to sink thousands into a physical fence. However, technology makes it possible for our pups to play in the backyard while we’re inside the home doing other important chores.

A smart fence or invisible fence works around your dog’s wearing a GPS dog e-collar. Some collars work with a buried cable that interacts with the collar while other collars allow you to program in a boundary. The collar will then provide a correction to your dog when he gets too close to those boundaries. Once they understand where the boundaries are, they’re much more likely to stay safe in the backyard and can get exercise while you monitor from indoors. One example with both of these features is the SpotOn Invisible fence. You can find out more about this and other such products if you visit here.

GPS collars that don’t necessarily work with an invisible fence are also available. Let’s say you go on vacation, and you want to take your dog for a hike. You can do so without having to keep them on the leash every step of the way – the collar will give you their location should they get a little ahead of you. If your family goes camping, the GPS collar will do the same thing. Should your pup wander from camp, you’ll be able to find him easily – and quickly – because of the GPS collar’s location capabilities.

GPS collars and smart collars have many features that add to their ability to protect your dog. Many feature LED lights that come on once the sun goes down. That way, if your pup wanders away and the sun has set, you’ll be better able to see him while searching for him. They are also typically designed to be waterproof and shock-resistant. Most are operated by rechargeable batteries.

Many GPS collars are also health monitors. Owners will download an app that keeps up with exercise information, vital statistics, and some are even sensitive enough to monitor if a dog scratches more often than normal! What’s more, owners can download this information to their vet, and pertinent health decisions can be made based on data from the app.

It should also be noted that these apps also keep up with location in addition to health statistics. Some owners can locate their pup via the app, and some apps even tell owners if the rechargeable battery is running low!

Pet Cams


During the pandemic, many pet parents found themselves home with their dogs. This was a boon for both you and your pup, but, as many pet parents are returning to work, some just can’t bear the idea of leaving our precious pups alone all day. Technology (literally) has an app for that!

Pet cams work by being set up in your home in locations where the pet is typically hanging out. While not all pet cams are tethered to an app on your smartphone, many are. These apps allow you to check on your dog during the day. Some will allow you to remotely provide a treat to your dog, and many will let you talk to your dog while he’s home during the day.

Some pet cams are motion activated. They’re capable of dispensing treats when your dog is near, and dogs typically learn how to act so a treat will magically appear. These pet cams help your dog to feel like he’s not so alone while you’re working, and you’ll feel a sense of peace because you’re able to check on your dog as often as you’d like.

Automated toys and other Dog Gadgets


Those pet parents who live in areas where we can’t always walk our dogs traditionally can also provide playtime by supplying them with a variety of automated toys. Food puzzle toys aren’t the only automated toys available for dogs today. Pet parents are now purchasing automated balls that will move autonomously as well as provide lights and sound that beckon your dog to play.

Dogs that love to play fetch may really enjoy an automatic ball launcher (by the way, there are pet cams that will do this as well, which really helps to keep your dog occupied and prevent separation anxiety in dogs). Some automatic ball launchers will provide not just a fifteen-minute session of fetch, but can be programmed to provide hours of fun for your furry pal. Pet parents can even use these as a training tool – teach Fido to bring the ball back to the launcher so that he can occupy himself while you’re out running errands or at work.

Automated toys are great for dogs that are prone to gaining weight. If the vet has recommended a certain amount of daily activity time, pet parents can use the automated toy to provide activity, even when we’re on a busy schedule.

Automated toys not only provide physical activity, but they can provide mental stimulation as well. One benefit of this mental stimulation is less stress and anxiety in your dog.

Technology has made life better for humans by far, but innovation has made life better for our furry pals too! Technology allows us to keep our pups safe while monitoring their health too!