Shubharambh 9th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Shubharambh 9th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Mihir threatens Rani to not take Raja’s name ahead of him again otherwise she’s to face the implications. Asha knocks their own room door.

Mihir has been regarding to open the door however Rani pleads him to not open it informing Asha could’t digest this.

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He states she doesn’t really know just how much he loves her & he becomes Doctor leaving everything behind so he could stand ahead of her & say as of now he’s capable sufficient to marry her however as of now she’s just derogatory his own emotions.

He states she didn’t imagined regarding him & wedded someone else already, she doesn’t really know just how it feels when you lose your love however she knows just how it feels to live within the fear of losing your loved 1 & in these 6 yrs. he’s residing like that only.

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He states destiny took her ahead of him & he could cross all limits to gain her however she’s telling him to leave from here & requests where he could go without her when there is no personal life for him without her. Asha requests Rani to open the door.

Mihir requests did Rani ever imagined why Raja’s complaint had come to him because God too knows the strength of his own love & desired him to unite with her that’s why.

He states she’s throwing him far from her personal life again & again that he could’t accept it so she’s to becomes his own (or) gain prepared to watch Raja’s demise.

He opens the door. Asha shocks seeing Mihir there. Mihir recalls just how he knocked Asha’s room so she could watch Rani leaving the home.

He acts like he’s surprised to watch Asha there & requests didn’t Rani informed her that they knows every different already.

He states they knows every different from their own childhood & leaves from there. Asha requests what’s happening here.

Rani states she did nothing unfair & doing everything for Raja only. Asha requests why she didn’t tell her that she already knows Mihir & states she didn’t awaited all this from her.

She requests does her entire family knows regarding this already. Rani states they doesn’t really know. Asha states when she knows Raja’s personal life is now in Mihir’s hand still she hided everything from her & states she just feels disgusted & leaves from there.

Rani cries recalling Mihir & Asha’s talks. Raja comes there & requests is she thinking what remaining thinking regarding her.

He requests from when she begins to care what remaining thinking regarding her. He states she did what she felt right & besides she did for him so she needn’t to worry.

He takes her to God’s idol & states she’ll gain her resolution for her issue here only. She prays to God to show her path in this darkness. She rules something & moves towards her room.

Mihir stops her & requests what she ruled. She states she’s prepared to accomplish anything to safeguard Raja’s personal life.

He states he’ll begin Raja’s surgery at the right time & going to notify his own entire family regarding the {hospital} too however he’s just 1 condition that is she’s to come to him as his own bride.

He informs her to not even think to double cross him & in case she did anything like that afterwards he won’t hesitate to murder Raja. She states she won’t forget her assure & arrives her room.

Everybody gets prepared to approach {hospital}. Darshana states Rani is not coming out of her room. Hitank states she’d be stressed regarding Raja’s surgery & they leaves for {hospital}.

Kirtida states it’s impossible that Raja’s surgery happening & Rani is not going to the {hospital}. Gulwant states he feels that.

Mihir is behind this. Rani imagines Mihir doesn’t really know regarding her determination & in case she could’t becomes Raja afterwards she won’t becomes anybody else.

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Ongoing Updates: 9th November 2024 / (9-11-2020)

First episode date: 2 December 2019
Network: Colors TV
Number of episodes: 154
Original language: Hindi
Number of seasons: 1

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Shubharambh Cast:

    • Mahima Makwana
    • Akshit Shukhija
    • Jiten Lalwani
    • Astha Agarwal
    • Chhaya Vora

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