Shakti 27th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Soham and Daljeet attempt to kill Heer

The Daily episode begins with Harak Singh & Preeto coming to Heer’s ward & reminisces the moments with her.They cry seeing her condition.

Naseeba song plays….Preeto imagines of the past when she sent Soumya with Saya. Saya & different kinnars look in Heer from outdoor.

Preeto & Harak Singh come out. She informs Harak Singh that this is Virat’s work (5). Harak Singh requests just how is she sure?

Preeto states we’d attack Soumya numerous schedules. She states we’ve to talk to Virat as we shan’t let Heer gain Soumya kinda personal life. Harak Singh states I’ll talk to him.

Nutan comes there & informs that Virat stated that he didn’t accomplish her crash. Preeto states did we ever accept that we’ve trying to killing Soumya.

Harak Singh states Soumya understood that she has been a kinnar, however in heer’s complaint, only Virat understood regarding her being a kinnar

& not his own family (4). Preeto imagines Virat should have finished her crash, as he’d kidnapped her too.

Virat imagines of Nutan accusing him of Heer’s crash. He gets Jharna’s call. Jharna states she’s approached house almost.

He requests her to text him after approaching house. Jharna states I love you…Virat recalls Heer informing I love you & proposing him. Jharna requests him to say else she’ll repatriate.

Virat recalls Heer & informs same to you. Jharna states I’ll make you learn gradually.

Gurwinder comes there & requests in case you actually don’t care with Heer’s personal life & demise. Virat states you’ve persuaded me to be with Jharna, when I’m trying to be happy with her afterwards you’re speaking regarding Heer.

Gurwinder requests just how could you be stone hearted towards Heer. Virat states I’ve kicked Heer out of my heart & granting this place to Jharna. Gurwinder states did you really know that my Dada ji couldn’t forget Sunaina whom he habituated to love, however couldn’t marry. She states her Dadi has been quite proud of him as he respected his own 1st love. She states I don’t really know in case Jharna going to feel proud of you.

Shanno informs Soham that she got (1) a great idea to gain rid of that kinnar & requests him to take (2) off oxygen mask to murder her. Soham is stunned & states however. Shanno states in case Soumya would were alive today afterwards would we were residing personal life like this.

She requests didn’t you hear that person taunting us. Rohan comes there & requests him to take (2) tiffin from Raavi & come. Shanno requests Soham to think what she’d stated. Harak Singh & Preeto pray to God.

He states we shall sit outdoor ICU, may be she’ll gain consciousness.

Daljeet comes to the hospital (3) & covers his own face with mask & cap. He hides seeing Harak Singh & Preeto. Rohan & Soham come there.

Rohan requests them to come to cafeteria & have meal. Preeto rejects. Harak Singh states you’ll faint being hungry. Rohan requests them to go.

They leave for cafeteria. Daljeet hides his own face with mask & is going to ICU, when Preeto comes there. Daljeet goes looking in her. Preeto imagines why his own eyes are familiar. Daljeet goes to ICU. Preeto, Harak Singh, Rohan & Soham come to cafeteria.

Daljeet states sorry Heer, we’ve to make you sleep for forever, else you’ll problem us. Soham imagines to murder kinnar & informs Preeto that he’ll sit with Heer. Preeto nods her head. Daljeet switches off the oxygen supply pipe. Heer struggles to take (2) breath & drops her head. Daljeet states your siyappa stopped.

Virat comes & holds his own hand. Heer gets back her breath as Virat switches on the pipe & the machine begins again. Virat tries to pull off his own mask. Soham collides with peon, picks his own papers & imparts to him.

Virat run behind Daljeet & come outdoor. Soham gets inside & recalls Mahi’s words.

Virat requests Daljeet to tell who’s he & beats him? He’s regarding to take (2) off his own mask. Soham is regarding to take (2) off oxygen supply mask, cries & holds his own ears.

He afterwards gets angry again recalling Shanno’s words & takes off the oxygen supply mask. Virat hits Daljeet on his own face repeatedly & is regarding to pull off his own mask. He requests who’re you & why you need to murder Heer. Heer struggles to breathe again & holds Soham’s hand in senseless state. Soham leaves her hand & sits on the chair.

He recalls assuring Heer that he’ll be with her like a reflection. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Virat beats Daljeet extra. Preeto, Harak Singh & Rohan come there & watch a masked person pushing down Virat & racing far away. They look in Virat. Heer struggles with her personal life.

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