Shakti 14th July 2024 Episode Written Update: Heer Decides To Sacrifice Her Love For Soumya

The Daily episode begins with Heer stopping the mehendi designer & informs that she wants to apply mehendi to her hand. Rohan requests in case she could’t give up her love. Heer states she could sacrifice her love & even her personal life for her, in case Gulabo comes infront of her & requests her not to marry Virat. Rohan states she should be helpless not to come face to face with us.

Heer requests what’s her helplessness, when she’s come here, why didn’t she talk to me. She calls Soumya’s name & requests her to tell what’s her helplessness in letter. Saya comes there & states I’ll tell you Soumya’s helplessness, however you’ve to assure me that in case you think her helplessness big afterwards you shan’t gain wedded.

Preeto requests her not to interfere in their own home matters. Saya states this is not your home issue else I wouldn’t have interfered.

She states Soumya habituated to regard me as her mom. She states she shall tell the fact to Heer. Harak Singh states we’ll handle our problems, why you’re interfering. He states you don’t really know the complete fact.

Heer requests him to let her speak the fact, whatever she knows. Saya states she’s prepared to tell everything & states you’ve to assure me, in case you think her helplessness truthful & right afterwards you shall reject for this marriage. She requests going to you assure?

Soumya is hiding & listening. Heer runs to the inhouse temple & maintains hand on the diya. Preeto shouts, worrying for her. Heer states I’ll burn my hand & requests Saya to say?

Harak Singh acts to suffer heart attack & maintains hand on his own chest. Preeto runs to Heer & makes her move her hand from that diya/lamp. She states I attempted to safeguard you from this globe & spent all my personal life & you wanted to accomplish this.

Heer informs Harak Singh that he did unfair to act & states I’ve the right to really know the fact. Saya states Soumya didn’t leave this home with her wish. Heer requests what accomplish you mean? Saya states you has been a child & couldn’t know anything, however as of now you’re grown up & could think well. She requests her to recall & states suddenly Soumya’s job letter had come & she’d to leave the home on the same day itself. She requests her to inquire Preeto & Harak Singh. A facebook is shown.

Saya states Preeto taken assure from Soumya & inquired her to leave the home in case she wants your betterment. Preeto gets tensed. Saya states Preeto inquired her not to repatriate till you turn 21 yrs.. She states in case Soumya is not coming infront of you, afterwards Harak Singh & Preeto are accountable for this.

Heer requests Harak Singh & Preeto in case Saya is informing right. Harak Singh states conditions are to be blamed. Heer requests what’s the conditions, that commanded Harman Singh left 1st & afterwards Gulabo. She states Gulabo didn’t think of me & left me in 1 go. She states what to accomplish, shall I hate you all? Preeto is stunned.

Heer requests them to tell & clarify what has been the issue. Preeto states whatever Mallika is informing is true. She states whatever she’d stated is right. A facebook is shown, Harak Singh requesting Preeto to leave, Preeto requesting Soumya to leave as she’s lost the bet. Preeto states she wanted to rise her (Heer) the way she wanted & that’s why made Soumya leave & taken assure from her.

Heer requests in case I’m a thing? Preeto requests her to think whatever she wants? Saya requests did you hear what’s Soumya’s helplessness. She states in case you’ve emotions & respect for Soumya afterwards decide in case she wants to marry (or) not. Heer states she’ll not gain wedded. The lady/Soumya hides & looks in Heer.

Heer runs out of the home. She comes to Virat’s home & calls his own name. Virat gets surprised & states you’ve come. He requests what’s the issue, you made me go y’day & today you had come to meet me, you could’t live without me, you’d have awaited for me for some of the extra time.

He requests her to show off her mehendi design & holds her hand. He locates her hands without mehendi design & requests in case everything is fine. Heer states she wants to talk to him. Virat requests her to say.

Heer states shall we go out & speak. Virat requests her to come to room. Parmeet requests what’s the issue that could’t be spoken infront of all. She requests her to tell infront of everybody. Virat requests her to say.

Heer states I had come to say that…….this marriage could’t happen as of now. Everybody gets stunned. Virat is now in shock & looks in her. Heer folds her hand & apologizes to everybody present there. Virat requests what’s the issue, tell me? Heer runs out. Virat runs behind her & holds her hand. Heer looks in him. He requests what’s all that, why you don’t need to marry me suddenly?

Heer states I’d informed you that I could accomplish anything for my Gulabo, states she don’t need this marriage to happen. Virat states your Gulabo is not here & requests him to tell all this issue.

Heer states I’m sorry, Virat. Parmeet wipes mehendi from her hand & imparts amount to the mehendi designer. She states it seems marriage won’t happen, she’s chopped our nose before marriage, don’t really know what she’d have finished after marriage. Daljeet states it’s great that marriage is named off. Virat requests Heer to tell what’s the reason?

Heer states Gulabo had come house. Virat states I love you Heer, I won’t let you go anywhere. Heer cries & hugs him.

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