Shakti 13th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Jharna Proposes Her Love To Virat

The Daily daily episode starts with Virat coming to the college & locates the lights off. He thinks nobody had come till now, Peon was outdoor.

He switches on the lights & sees the balloons & decorations. Jharna comes there holding flower in her hand, bends down on her knees & proposes him, reporting I love you Virat.

Heer comes there & hears Jharna’s love proposal. Heer recalls her love proposal. Virat is stunned & imagines Heer proposing him as a kinnar. Jharna appeals him to say in complaint he loves her. Virat appeals what is all this? Their own own friends come there & clap.

They friend ask Virat to say yes to Jharna as she loves him a lot. Various friend appeals what is your problem? Jharna recalls bribing their own own friends with tabs & mobiles & appeals them to help her gain Virat.

She states Heer & Virat are separated & appeals them to help her gain closer to Virat. Facebook(FB) ends. Jharna appeals him to reply.

The friends impose Virat to say yes. Sonu comes there. Virat recalls Preeto telling that Heer is a kinnar.

He thinks of Gurwinder’s words & thinks to break Heer daily & steadily. Jharna appeals him to say yes. Virat states yes & takes flower from her hand. He helps her gain up.

Heer gets emotional. Everyone claps for them. Jharna hugs Virat. The professor comes & appeals what is it? Virat states this is the proof for Jharna & my relationship. Heer reports Professor that 2500 masks are made, we shall concentrate on its distribution. Professor states ok, I will make team.

Heer drinks water & states she will go & bring water. Jharna is about to go behind Heer, although Virat stops her & reports that she shall not care about her, who don’t exist for him. Heer takes the water & washes her face. She recalls Virat telling that he will come to take (2) (2) her, calling her as his own own angel for modifying his own own personal personal life. She gets upset & throws the water bottle.

Tu hi mera khuda plays….She cries & appeals why you said yes to Jharna. She states today you have become of someone else & cries. A lady comes there & reports that everyone don’t have mind to really know goodness.

She states she’s Isha & reports that all this group members were sold to Jharna for branded mobiles & tabs. She states Jharna taken everyone & now they want Jharna & Virat to become a couple. She fills water in the bottle & imparts to Heer. Heer states they’re not my friends.

Isha appeals her to handle herself & be strong. Heer thinks my aim is strong that nobody can throw me out from here.

Parmeet appeals Servant where is he going. He reports that he’s going to buy some stuff for Janmasthami. Jharna calls Parmeet & reports her that Virat agreed to her proposal. She calls everyone & inform them. Everyone is happy except Gurwinder.

Parmeet imparts credit to Gurwinder for forcing Jharna & reports that they will throw party. Daljeet appeals what they will accomplish? Parmeet states we will take (2) (2) a big call in the party.

Gurwinder comes to temple & reports Mata Rani that Jharna is not suitable for Virat, appeals her to accomplish something.

Preeto appeals Veeran to bring the stuff carefully. Harak Singh comes & states he’s kanha. Preeto appeals those have seen Kanha of his own own age & laughs.

Soham thinks everyone is Kans here & thinks he will gain his own own questions by night. He reports Shanno that he’s going to Harak Singh’s lawyer.

Isha appeals Heer to have paratha. Jharna comes & takes the paratha in her hand, appeals in complaint someone saw crazy romance.

Isha states we have seen a human falling down from the roof for a lady & that lady is still waiting for him. Jharna reports that she will show their own own kiss to them & appeals Virat to bite the paratha from the various end. Virat thinks he shall break Heer steadily & is about to bite the paratha.

Isha appeals Heer to throw the bottle outdoor & reports that this crazy romance seems to be completed by this dogs snatching roti. Heer laughs aloud & thinks she will not leave NGO.

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