Shaadi Mubarak 31st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Shaadi Mubarak 31 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (31-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Shaadi Mubarak 31st December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Nandini requesting Arjun to take the necklace to Tarun & mortgage it for loan.

He states however Shivraj had gifted this to Neelima. She states I m doing this for you, just accomplish what I stated. She calls Rati & states Arjun going to meet Tarun tomorrow.

She informs her schedule. Rati smiles. Nandini states I’ve to make Preeti fall in KT’s eyes. Preeti sees her kids’ pics. She shows the childhood pics to KT. He states you’re lucky to watch their own childhood, & also refresh those memories by pics, I didn’t watch Arjun’s childhood.

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She requests him to talk to Nandini & inquire for the childhood pics. He states I don’t need to talk regarding it. He requests her to talk to Nandini, she’s Arjun’s mum. She informs regarding Juhi’s pic. She states parents accomplish a lot for kids. She states such things happened with Arjun also, you’d really know in case you talk to Nandini. He goes.

She states I need to heal your injuries, when you & Nandini gain together & unite, afterward your injuries going to heal. KT comes to Nandini. She states I understood you’d come. He states I need to watch Arjun’s childhood, going to you show it to me as Arjun’s mom. She requests him to come in. She shows the photo album. She shows Arjun’s childhood pics & shares stories. He laughs.

Abhi mujhme kahin….plays… KT smiles. Preeti sees him smiling & smiles. Nandini sees her & imagines of her avenge. Priyanka calls Preeti & requests for Neil. She states inquire Neil to call me, I’ve his own imp assignments. Preeti states fine. She goes to Neil & asks him to call Priyanka. He calls Priyanka. He requests why did you problem Preeti.

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She requests don’t you need to talk to me. He states you’re going far away. She states I’d named to say that I m not going, you’re quite imped for me. He requests actually, did you watch Kusum’s happiness, just how going to you tell her, don’t lie, its too late. She requests him to come house tomorrow & really know in case she’s informing the fact.

KT comes to Preeti & requests her to wake up from sleep, he’s to talk to her. He tries ways to wake her up. He tickles her ft. She wakes up & states don’t accomplish this again. He laughs. He runs after her. They fall on the bed. They have a moment. He states I desired to appreciate you, I spoke to Nandini on your informing, I came to know a lot regarding Arjun, I felt like I’ve witnessed Arjun’s childhood.

Nandini informed me just how much he lost me, I feel great, gratitude. She states I m glad to watch you happy. He states children are such, I love children, we must have children, there must be numerous children within the home. She requests what, our children. He states I meant lovely children, I mean Neil going to have children, I informed our children by error. He laughs.

She states you all the time keep smiling, it looks great. He states I m glad that my smile maintains you glad. He goes. She imagines I’ve to clarify my heart that you’ll never be mine. It’s in the morning, Preeti washes her face. KT comes. She states sorry, your toothbrush fallen down. He laughs & states its okay, in case we gain angry on small problems, afterward clothes going to be jealous, don’t worry, we won’t gain stressed, else we’ll gain wrinkles, I’ve made a secret formula, I made aloe vera & Kesar pack, it’ll make me look great, I’ll make 1 for you also. He goes. She states he’s becomes old KT as of now, cheerful, superstar KT, I desired this, that he become joyful like before.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 31st December 2024 / (31-12-2020)

First episode date: 24 August 2024
Story by: Seema Mantri
Network: Star Plus
Program creator: Shashi Sumeet Productions
Number of episodes: 44

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 7:30 pm(IST)

Shaadi Mubarak Cast:

    • Manav Gohil
    • Rajshree Thakur
    • Rajeshwari Sachdev
    • Akansha Sareen
    • Shefali Singh Soni

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