Shaadi Mubarak 18th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Shaadi Mubarak 18 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (18-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Shaadi Mubarak 18th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With KT clarifying preeti just how to accomplish ballroom dance awhile she maintains looking in him.

He afterwards takes her hand & begin teaching her (ishq hua plays), they smilies & distribute a brief eyelock however suddenly Preeti’s leg got twisted creating her wince in pain.

KT made her sit on the bed & sprays a pain reliever, her leg got okay & she inquire to reopen the dance training awhile KT gets happy & praises her enthusiasm.

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He states regarding just how their own dance going to burn Nandini awhile preeti gets disheartened that KT is doing all this just for avenge from Nandini, she inquire when his own avenge going to end? To that he states that when he’ll gain Arjun far from Nandini & going to show her just how happy Arjun could be with Preeti & him afterwards he’ll be calm, Preeti nodded her head agreeing to him.

On the different side Nandini maintains practising for ball dance alone & smiles informing shortly Kt going to realize he loves only her, she smirks informing within the ball dance she’ll dance with him & not preeti. Preeti & KT maintains practising in sync awhile Preeti wishes that KT realize just how he’s loosing himself in motive of taking avenge from Nandini.

Priyanka happily maintains selecting clothes to wear in Neel’s party, she smiles seeing herself being so excited & calms herself down. In that time she sees Juhi & rushes to her requesting what she’ll wear for the Christmas party? Juhi remembers just how Neelima talked to her & declares that no-one from their own home going to go to the party awhile Kusum looks in her.

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KT & Arjun maintains playing carrom when preeti comes there & imparts gift to both of them. They opens it & locate same outfit & KT gets happy awhile Arjun rejects to wear it as he all the time wear what his own mom selects for him. In that time Nandini comes there with his own outfit & imparts it to him creating him.happy, KT imagines that he have to work tough to bring Arjun out of Nandini’s spell.

Arjun shows Nandini’s dress for the party awhile Sneha inquire whaich gown preeti is wearing for the eve? Preeti has been regarding to say that she don’t wear a gown when KT suspended informing that he have a gown for her & everybody could watch it within the in the evening.

Kusum comes to Juhi’s room & inquire regarding the Issue awhile she cries telling regarding the incident, she hugs Kusum informing that today they made her realize that as of now her mom is no extra hers, awhile kusum consoles her. Preeti glares in KT for announcing that she’ll wear gown & informs him that he knows she doesn’t wear it! To that he inquire her to calm & appeal to try wearing it for once just for him.

She holds her head informing she knows why he desires to make her wear gown as Nandini is also wearing it awhile he rejects informing he just need her to look the finest, she shakes her head & goes from there informing she won’t wear it awhile KT shouts that he’ll make her wear gown anyhow. Preeti maintains looking in her dress awhile KT gets prepared & inquire just how is he looking.

To that Preeti states that he’s looking great, he smiles & inquire her to praise extra. He goes near her & compliments her features. He makes her smiles via his own way of speaking & inquire her to gain prepared awhile she apologized informing that she could’t wear his own gifted gown. He looks in her & states that he have already declared to everybody that she’ll wear a gown & goes from there.

She sits on bed & states that she won’t let KT utilize her anymore to take avenge from Nandini. Neelima maintains instructing the staffs when Kusum & entire family comes there, shivraj appreciates them happily & they met KT. Preeti imagines regarding what to wear & goes to her cupboard awhile Nandini arrives her room & steals her gown. She gets prepared in that gown & smirks informing that this in the evening going to be memorable for keertan.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 18th December 2024 / (18-12-2020)

First episode date: 24 August 2024
Story by: Seema Mantri
Network: Star Plus
Program creator: Shashi Sumeet Productions
Number of episodes: 44

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 7:30 pm(IST)

Shaadi Mubarak Cast:

    • Manav Gohil
    • Rajshree Thakur
    • Rajeshwari Sachdev
    • Akansha Sareen
    • Shefali Singh Soni

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