Shaadi Mubarak 18th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Shaadi Mubarak 18 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (18-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Shaadi Mubarak 18th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Preeti trying to talk to KT.

He states its the last contract, afterwards our partnership going to end, no want to say anything. KT meets Arjun. They crack jokes.

Arjun requests KT to have the almond milkshake. KT requests regarding it. Arjun states its my fav, our choices are same.

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KT recalls his own spouse Nandini creating the special almond milkshake for him. KT requests who made it. Arjun states mom made it for you, she’s coming. KT requests where is she. Arjun goes. Preeti requests are you okay. KT states yes, this perfume.

Arjun gets his own mom. Nandini is now in ghunghat. She greets them. KT looks in her. Arjun requests why didn’t you drink almond milkshake, mom is requesting. KT states I could’t have it, I left that choice yrs. back, I’ve allergic to almonds.

Preeti requests is there special reason for this ghunghat. Arjun states she’s a mannat, dad going to be deleting her ghunghat on marriage day. KT states this perfume…. Arjun states mom had applied it, its dad’s fav. Preeti requests why isn’t your mom speaking to us.

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Arjun states its also her mannat, she’ll talk to dad only, you’ll feel strange, however I’ll gain my parents wedded, my mom loves my dad a lot, she’d gone under numerous sorrows in 17 yrs., she made a error & dad broke their own relation.

I assured her that I’ll return dad in her personal life. KT requests where is your dad, what error. Arjun states Udaipur, I’ll influence dad, just accomplish marriage arrangements in 3 days. KT requests what’s the name of your parents. Arjun requests why.

KT states we want information for wedding cards. Arjun states I already have a card, print this. He imparts the card. They watch mummy weds Papa written. He states its unique, right. KT imagines this could’t be Nandini, however all this could’t be a coincidence.

He requests going to it happen in 3 days. Preeti requests KT to say. KT states just how are you confident that you’ll influence your dad in 3 days. Arjun states I’ll accomplish it, you stated 2nd opportunity must be given, errors must be forgiven.

KT looks on. Preeti states we’ll gain cards. She requests KT to come. Nandini drops flowers & picks them. She touches KT’s ft. Arjun imagines mom loves him a lot. KT & Preeti leave. Nandini states 8 out of 10 today, target & enhance. Arjun nods.

Preeti states Arjun’s dad isn’t prepared, just how going to we manage. KT recalls Nandini.
He states I’ve some of the work, just go. He goes to inquire in the reception. He requests regarding the room booking.

He states sorry, they’re my customers, we’re wedding planners, I has been creating the bill, tell me the names else I’ve to go & disturb afterwards again. Nandini imagines room booking is on my name, in case KT knows that Arjun’s mom is me.

Schedule going to fail, just how to block him. KT turns & sees Nandini. She hides. He imagines has been it Nandini (or) my illusion. Nandini imagines just how to block him. She calls Arjun.

Arjun comes racing to block KT. He falls down. KT goes to watch him. He takes Arjun & requests for 1st aid. He ties her kerchief. Nandini imagines my son loves me a lot, he could accomplish anything for me. KT states I’ll drop you to your room.

Nandini imagines well finished Arjun, you got wound for me, its fine. Preeti states this marriage dream is Dhola maro, their own relation is also such, they’ll succeed on each issue & unite, we’ll make the marriage quite special, we’ve to target on feelings.

Sheena states we’ll decide bride & groom’s clothes. She messages to inquire regarding groom’s sehra. Nandini replies & requests her to keep beads in sehra instead flowers, her spouse is allergic to flowers. Preeti reads the sms & states its final. Arjun states sorry.

KT requests him to go. He states you didn’t tie shoe lace. Arjun states I don’t really know. KT requests what’s your age. Arjun states 17. KT states sit, I’ll teach you. He ties the lace. Arjun smiles. He gratitude KT & states dad wasn’t with me, so I don’t really know.

KT states okay, you’ll gain your dad. Arjun requests going to dad agree. KT states I mean you’ll influence him, take care. Arjun hugs him. He states mom would be so happy. KT states take care. He goes to the reception.

The receptionist states Shalini Sharma made the booking. Nandini recalls bribing the lady to lie. KT imagines why accomplish I feel Nandini is about. Nandini states I’ll be back in your personal life. Preeti states don’t really know this going to fit the groom (or) not.

She requests KT to try the sehra, its for Arjun’s dad. KT requests accomplish you watch me as Arjun’s dad, go & make him wear it. She states sorry. He sees the beads sehra, & requests her. She states yes, Arjun’s mom stated that her spouse has allergy with flowers.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 18th November 2024 / (18-11-2020)

First episode date: 24 August 2024
Story by: Seema Mantri
Network: StarPlus
Program creator: Shashi Sumeet Productions
Number of episodes: 44

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 7:30 pm(IST)

Shaadi Mubarak Cast:

    • Manav Gohil
    • Rajshree Thakur
    • Rajeshwari Sachdev
    • Akansha Sareen
    • Shefali Singh Soni


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