Shaadi Mubarak 11th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Shaadi Mubarak 11th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With KT coming to the kitchen.

He sees the hot kadai. He tries to gain the Kurchan. Kusum sees him & smiles. Ik tara….plays…..

She imagines he didn’t go to kitchen in his own home, he’s happily getting the kurchan like a halwai for Preeti. KT states just how shall I feed this kurchan to Preeti. Rati switches off the lights.

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Preeti goes to see. Kt imagines just how did the light go, its right opportunity to feed her the kurchan. He goes to Preeti & states its Rabdi kadai kurchan, you like it a lot, I really know you like it a lot.

She requests just how accomplish you really know. He states I really know, have it. She eats it. Rati imagines they’re having a date unknowingly, I’ve to gain them ahead of everybody. Preeti eats & states gratitude KT ji, I like it a lot.

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KT states I never had it. She requests did you not live a big happiness, have it as of now. He tastes it & likes it. She states you didn’t like it. He states no. She states your face shows it.

He jokes. She goes to see light. Rati puts nosepain on his own collar. He states I felt like an insect has bitten me. Light comes. Preeti goes return to everybody. Kt signs Preeti to clean the sweets from her lips.

Rati requests where did your Nath go. Preeti looks for Nath. Kusum states maybe it got stuck. Buasa states locate it, it’d be fell. Baldev states I don’t think something is unfair, lights don’t go in village, I heard someone murmuring.

Preeti states sorry Buasa, you gave me Nath with love. Buasa states you’re so busy in work, its okay, locate it. Rati imagines they’re not seeing KT’s collar, I’ve to accomplish something. She requests KT…..

Kusum states I imagined its the Nath. Rati imagines Kusum all the time fails my schedules. Preeti sees her Nath on KT’s collar & imagines just how did it go there, in case anybody sees it, it’ll be a big problem. Buasa goes to KT.

The nath falls from that collar into his own pocket. Preeti imagines I got saved, I’ll take it thereafter. Kusum states don’t worry, you’ll gain it. Buasa states I’ll inquire them to clean the place, you’ll locate it.

Kusum states Preeti had the kurchan. KT states yes, she’d much happiness in her eyes. She requests just how did you watch her smile in darkness.

He states she smiles less, when she smiles, it appears in her eyes & voice, it makes my day. Kusum states she eats Kurchan & gets happy, & it makes your day, don’t hurry, go Udaipur & we’ll talk in detail regarding this. She goes. Preeti calls KT. Kusum requests her to eat kurchan.

Preeti states I don’t need. Kusum states you’d it when KT got it, you aren’t having it as of now. Preeti states your KT sa is strange. Kusum states yes, he got kurchan for you. Preeti requests what has been the want to accomplish this, he doesn’t know, in case anybody saw him, it’d be a big problem, I inquired him to stay far away.

Kusum requests what’s there to worry, he did it for your happiness. Preeti states who does it, just a lover (or) spouse does such things. Kusum states actually, what did you say.

Preeti states nothing, we’re business partners, he’s happy in his own marriage. Kusum states he’s your business partner, why are you getting his own marriage status in between. Preeti states its fact.

Kusum states in case he wasn’t wedded, afterwards would you regard him over business partner. Preeti requests her not to joke. Kusum smiles & states I could watch something weaving.

KT goes for bath. Baldev comes there. He sees Preeti’s nath in KT’s sherwani. Preeti & Rati look on. Preeti gets tensed. Rati states gratitude, just Baldev could ruin Preeti’s image.

He shows the nath to Buasa. He states I got this in KT’s clothes, as of now you really know just how lights went within the function.

So that they’ve their own partnership in darkness, snatch Preeti’s freedom & bound her with customs again, I don’t like her work in all. Rati gratitude him. Preeti imagines just how shall I make Buasa believe me as of now.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 11th November 2024 / (11-11-2020)

First episode date: 24 August 2024
Story by: Seema Mantri
Network: StarPlus
Program creator: Shashi Sumeet Productions
Number of episodes: 44

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 7:30 pm(IST)

Shaadi Mubarak Cast:

    • Manav Gohil
    • Rajshree Thakur
    • Rajeshwari Sachdev
    • Akansha Sareen
    • Shefali Singh Soni


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