California boat fire: Search warrants served

On Sunday, warrants were issued by the police at Truth Aquatics, the California company week whose diving ship caught fire and led to the death of 34 people.

The FBI representatives, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Addition to other concerned agencies probed the offices of Truth Aquatics situated in Santa Barbara and two other ships of the Business, stated Erik Raney, the Sheriff of Santa Barbara County.

Sunday morning the warrants were served and also are part of the probe to the episode. Whether any offense has been committed, the purpose is to ascertain, the prosecution added. The office was coated with more than a dozen representatives exploring and shooting images.

On 2 September, 34 people lost their lives once the ship named Conception burnt and drowned before sunrise. They napped from the bunkroom located under the most important deck of the boat and the escape paths were blocked by also the clog.

victims except one’s bodies have been discovered. The representatives suspended their stunt as a result of strong winds and rough seas this weekend for the body, said Raney.

The police are focused on understanding what caused the flame and are currently thinking about several matters, such as batteries and electronics have been saved in addition to billed.

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