Santoshi Maa 14th September 2024 Written Episode Update – Swati performs pooja of mata santoshi

The daily episode begins with Singhasan’s brother & his own son throw far away swati, her aunty & along with swati’s brother anuj from their own home & her brother anuj states as of now got (1) offended so let’s leave awhile swati sees nidhi awaiting in the gate.

Asoor guru is granting devi polomi advice to meditate for our ancestors who could as of now support us & they pray to give her the powers to face this hurdle. Asoor guru requests polomi in case you’ve any schedules to inquire with? & she smiles thinking.
Santoshi mata is enjoying with butterfly awhile dev rishi comes telling her you feel calmed I guess doing mahadev’s Pooja & yes she states however dev rishi requests her that polomi is not witnessed anywhere in brahmand afterwards where could she be & santoshi mata states brahmand has plenty of hidden places where she could go however to not to worry as swati is now in safe hands as of now from mahadev’s Pooja initiated so she could’t be harmed & he praises santoshi mata for this.
Devi polomi is requesting wish from ancestors to gain powers to finish all powers of gods & she’s blessed with it so she cuts her finger awhile guru requests her what you did & she replies that I could inquire for powers to end gods afterwards why could’t I sacrifice my part of blood for my ancestors & she prays asoor ancestor to emerge for blessing & he comes to bless her informing be the champion granting her power balls & also imparts her directions just how to end powers of gods.
Polomi requests guru just how to tackle swati afterwards guru informs her to join all power balls together that going to create 4 asoors & all 4 asoors emerge with joining all balls of powers achieved from ancestors & polomi states as of now swati can’t be spared.
Nidhi states only for sometime I has been far away & swati had come here so singhasan states I felt like killing her & his own son informs him why to await afterwards accomplish it immediately & also his own daughter states why you’re thinking accomplish it awhile nidhi also states yes accomplish it immediately & this going to be the only resolution.
Devi polomi is demonstrating image of swati to asoors to murder her awhile singhasan too shows photo of swati to goons for killing her & tonight must be her end, singhasan states.
Devi polomi’s bird comes reporting her that indresh’s dad has provided 4 goons to murder swati & she states not to worry as my powers are in them however I’ll play my dices according to my directions & her 4 asoors also leave taking blessings from her & guru.
Swati takes permission from her parents informing I’ll come in sometime however her dad tries to block her informing as of now it’s time for moon to conceal & prior to that we’ve to eat meal afterwards too she states I really know that’s why today’s Pooja is kept for mata santoshi so I’ll just participate & return shortly awhile she also informs her aunty to be comfortable thinking her own place itself. She leaves awhile her dad informs her to come shortly.
All are doing Pooja awhile swati comes to do Pooja & singing prayers for her. She’s also contributing paralytic citizens to enter temple comfortably.
Dev rishi comes to notify santoshi mata to not be happy with Pooja played by your devotee instead to safeguard her as she’ll be assaulted by some of the goons scheduled using indresh’s family (4) & santoshi mata ensures him to not to worry as nothing going to happen to my devotee & she flows her powers towards swati’s safety as swati is now in deep meditation awhile brahman comes telling her you’re a blessed devotee of mata that’s why you gain her blessings so accept this flowers that are blessings of mata & swati requests him moon is going to conceal so could I support you awhile polomi states they’re fool not to know that today devi santoshi can’t accomplish anything & as of now i’ll destroy her devotee’s faith too.
Swati informs brahman to leave & i’ll close the doors of the temple & he leaves awhile santoshi mata is now in meditation as some of the goons come behind her & hits her on her head that makes her fall down senseless.