Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Hema burns Gehna’s mom’s sari.

Gehna cries seeing that & tries to pick it with bare hands informing this has been her mom’s only gift. Hema states she’ll realize the pain when a dear 1 is wound.

In residing room, Hema’s kids appeal Gopi to play with them. Gopi requests what must she play. Kids say its navratri & Ramji died Ravan on ninth day, so they’ll play Ram & Seeta drama. Daughter states she’ll becomes Ram.

Son states she’s a lady. Daughter states who’ll really know in case she disguises. Gopi imagines of disguising herself to approach Ahem & this is the only way.

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Kokila informs Praful that she with Gopi, Hetal, & Urmila going to meet Hetal’s relatives in Rajkot & repatriate house.

Praful states she’s to repatriate after gathering relatives & demands her. Kokila agrees & requests Gopi to pack bags. Gopi imagines she must notify Kokila regarding Ahem as of now.

Back in Gehna’s room, she tries to safeguard her mom’s sari from fire, however Hema stops her & continues yelling in her not to problem Sagar. Gehna forcefully tries to set off fire with bare hands. Kanak arrives & scolds Hema for setting fire. Anant rushes in & stops Gehna.

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He cleans her hands. Kanak threatens to dare not touch housemaid as it’s not Desai entire family culture.

Anant states he doesn’t care & goes out to send someone to clean the mess. Kanak threatens Gehna that Anant reached her hand just to clean it & not to hold it permanently. Kanak repatriates to Hema’s room & orders her to burn her bank cheque book.

Chetan with Pankaj & requests why is she burning cheque book. Kanak states Hema likes burning things & requests did they locate out Praful retirement corpus cheque money? they’ll be busy here & Kokila & Gopi may grab far away the whole money.

Gehna cries seeing her mom’s sari, bangles & mangalsutra burnt. Servant comes & cleans the mess. Sagar moves towards Gehna’s room thinking of punishing her, however hides seeing Anant.

Gehna opens door nervously hearing door knock, however relieves seeing Anant. Anant, sensing someone about, checks in case anybody is there, however doesn’t locate anybody. He repatriates to Gehna with first-aid box & offers her ointment to apply.

Gopi reports Kokila that Ahem is alive. Kokila states she should have mistaken. Gopi states she saw Ahem’s tattoo also. Kokila gets emotional & appeals her to take her to Ahem dikra. Gopi takes her to Gopi Kaka’s room. Gopi kaka opens door. Kokila emotionally tries to hug him.

He pushes her far away & hits her forehead with a stick caveat her to stay far from him. Kokila states she’s his own mom & this is his own spouse Gopi. Gopi kaka threatens Gopi that she comes repeatedly to problem him & in case she brings someone else next time, he’ll hit even him/her.

He shuts door on their own face. Gopi gets up from her sleep (sleeps with complete make up on & expensive sari to meet Ahem in dreams, lol) & realises it has been her dream. She imagines of not reporting Kokila as of now.

Next in the morning, Gehna prays to the God informing when Navratri comes, Matarani imparts something to everybody. Anant moves to her & requests what she desires from Matarani. Gehna nervously calls him Kanhaji & requests him to climb on chair & fix flowers on temple door.

He requests her to hold stool tightly & requests why did she burn her mom’s belongings when she kept them for yrs..

Gehna states memories give them pain. Anant states they gain happy with memory of dear ones. After some time, Praful & Jamna do pooja & give aarti thali . Kanak imagines finally they’ll locate out cheque money.

Praful imparts next aarti to Kokila & afterwards Hetal. Pankaj & Kanak do aarti next succeeded by Chetan & Hema & they all 4 pray god to give them largest distribute of cheque.

Anant prays to the God to keep his own parents happy all the time & give him strength to protect them. Gopi prays to reunite her with Ahem. Gehna prays to the God to fulfil Gopi’s prayers.

After pooja, Pankaj tries to pick cheque from Matarani’s ft & it flies & falls in Gehna’s hand. They’re all surprised & happy to watch 1 cr written on the Cheque.

Gopi hopes she stays return to meet Gopi Kaka & make him remember that he’s Ahem. Kokila states Hetal’s relative’s home is small, so they may not accompany us all 4, so in case Gopi could stay back. Gopi happily agrees & gratitude God for listening to her prayers.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 2nd November 2024 / (2-11-2020)

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 2 November 2024 (India)
Production Co: Rashmi Sharma Telefilms

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 9:00 PM(IST)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Cast:

    • Devoleena Bhattacharjee
    • Mohammed Nazim
    • Rupal Patel
    • Sneha Jain
    • Harsh Nagar

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