Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (15-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Gehna arrives wedding venue as a bride with Chetan & Pankaj. Baa gets happy seeing her.

Kanak informs Hema & Hiral that she’s enthusiastically awaiting to watch groom’s reacting seeing Gehna’s makeup. Baa clarifies that they’ll do antarpat/curtain ritual & once curtain is eliminated, groom must look in bride.

Just when curtain is dropped down, a boy pushes Aman by error & he bends. Anant looks in Gehna instead & she smiles in her. He clicks her pics. Baa states Gehna is looking quite pretty.

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Kanak gets angry seeing Gehna’s makeup regular & requests Hema in case Gehna has been pretty when they went into to take sign. Hema states Gehna has been looking like a monkey the way Kanak left her. Kanak requests just how did it happen. Gehna reminisces wiping her makeup awhile washing Hiral’s clothes & afterwards correcting before coming out.

Hema states Gehna is quite intelligent & must have corrected her makeup before coming here. Kanak states she may correct her facial makeup, however just how going to she correct her fate. Baa gets emotional. Bapuji requests what happened to her. Baa states from tomorrow, she’ll miss Gehna & requests who’ll give her medicines & call her Baa, and so on.

Kanak imagines she must keep her tears for some time. Hema requests her when going to her blockbuster drama begin. Kanak requests her to await. Pandit requests bride & groom to exchange garlands. Anant gets Radhika’s SMS that she named him numerous times, however, his own phone has been unanswered, her car broke down on the way & she named the other car.

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Gehna is regarding to garland Aman when inspector arrives & orders to block this wedding. Everybody stand stunned. Kanak smirks & comments as of now her stop buster drama going to begin. Inspector orders constable to detain Aman. Constable drags Aman to inspector. Aman informs inspector that he can’t detain him like this. Inspector states this groom is fake.

Bapuji requests what’s he informing. Inspector discloses that Aman is already wedded twice & this is his own 3rd marriage, he didn’t even divorced his own 2 wives. Radhika’s mom informs its late night & Chandomatli ritual can’t be played in this time, she already informed with abshagun happening, nothing going to go right. Radhika states its just her superstition, calls the other cab, & gets in with parents.

Anant informs inspector that he should be mistaken as enquired regarding Aman via an agency & he’s a great person. Inspector states his own agency afterwards gave him unfair info; its Aman’s modus operandi to lie bride’s entire family that he needs to marry in 2 days as his own job publishing going to be in 3 days, afterwards eloping with jewelry & amount after marriage.

Aman requests in case he’s any evidence. Inspector calls Aman’s wives who disclose that he wedded them & escaped with amount & jewelry, they show their own wedding pics & trash him for spoiling their own lives. Inspector sends them aside. Sapan requests inspector to detain Aman’s parents. Dad states they both are stars & not real parents. Inspector arrests even them & take them far away.

Radhika on the way house informs parents that Gehna’s wedding should have completed by as of now. Dad requests why didn’t Anant call her yet. She states he should be busy, she named him & his own phone is out of network. She sees driver taking various route & requests him. Driver states he’s new here & appeals to show her route. She tries GPS, however it fails.

Gehna cries shattered. Tia consoles her. Gehna calls Baa. Sapan requests why Gehna’s fate is not letting her marry. Anant states its his own error & he failed twice. Baa falls down in shock, & entire family holds her. Bapuji informs Anant that he desired to watch Gena happy, her dad saved his own personal life & he failed to fulfill assured made to her dad.

Kanak states they all gave him responsibility of a lady’s wedding with nice trust, however he broke it. Anant states apologizes Gehna & states its not his own error as he enquired via agency, going to call them as of now. Kanak states what’s the utilize of calling agency as of now, just how going to he erase a black mark on Gehna’s personal life. Baa requests her to block.

Kanak states when she took alliance, she has been blamed, who’s accountable for a black mark on Gehna’s personal life as of now. Anant apologizes Gehna & states he didn’t actually really know regarding Aman. Hiral states passed human won’t be alive with apology, what regarding Bapuji’s dignity. Gehna’s relatives yell that they all discussed Gehna as housemaid & hence identified a unfair boy.

1 requests Jamna in case she’d have wedded her daughter to a unfair boy, who’ll marry Gehna as of now. Sagar locates a opportunity, imagines he desired same, & states a well-educated foreign repatriated Gehna spoilt Gehna’s personal life. Chetan threatens Hema to shut her brother’s mouth. Hema states her brother is right. Sagar states Anant must have hired a professional agency & not cheap 1, he’d have inquired him to enquire instead. Pandit reports that wedding muhurat is only until 10 p.m. tonight. Relatives states Sagar must. Hema states she’ll not gain her brother wedded to a housemaid. Relatives yell that fact went out, they spoilt Gehna’s personal life & who’ll marry her as of now. Bapuji gets a heart attack hearing that & falls down. Entire family rushes to him.

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Ongoing Updates: 15th December 2024 / (15-12-2020)

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 15 December 2024 (India)
Production Co: Rashmi Sharma Telefilms

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StarPlus: 9:00 PM(IST)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Cast:

    • Devoleena Bhattacharjee
    • Mohammed Nazim
    • Rupal Patel
    • Sneha Jain
    • Harsh Nagar

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