Recovering From Serious Injury: 13 Ways To Occupy Your Time While Bed Bound

Recovering from a serious injury can be a lengthy and frustrating experience, particularly if you are a normally active person. Being bed bound means that you’re very limited in what you can do to occupy your time. It is critical to avoid boredom, as this can be detrimental to your mental health and positively, which are crucial to a quick and complete recovery.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep occupied while you recover from a serious injury. The internet means that there are more entertainment options at your fingertips than ever before and plenty of things to experience and do even when stuck in bed.

1. Start A New Book Series

If you’re always lamenting that they never have time to read, now is the perfect time to make a change. You could start making a list of books that you haven’t had time to read yet and start making your way through them. If you need some inspiration, check out some book blogs online or ask loved ones for recommendations.


2. Write A Book

Being bed bound can be an excellent opportunity to start a major project, and writing a book is a common goal. You’ll need a laptop with a word processing application and some inspiration. It can help to start with an outline of where you want your book to go and then build from there. There are many free online resources that can help you develop your plot and characters, and once you’re done, you could even look into self-publishing.

3. See A Therapist

Being bed bound can impact your mental health, particularly if the road to recovery is a long one. Fortunately, you don’t need to leave your bed to access therapy, with many practitioners offering online therapy using video calling software. Mental health is so important, and keeping positive can have a huge impact on your recovery, so consider looking up some suitable therapists that offer online appointments to help you stay mentally healthy.


4. Get Some Retail Therapy

You don’t need to visit a physical shop to get your retail therapy in anymore. Almost all major retailers have e-commerce platforms that you can peruse to your heart’s content. It is essential to be cautious with your spending, stay within a set budget and avoid the temptation of impulse purchasing.

5. Sign Up For A New Streaming Service

There are so many streaming platforms available nowadays that it can feel impossible to get caught up on everything. This is one of the few silver linings when bedbound – all you have is time. Consider signing up for a free trial for a new streaming service and start bingeing. You might need to try out a few different options until you find the right fit with plenty of new content to enjoy.

6. Try New Makeup Looks

Just because you’re stuck in bed doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while you do so! There are so many makeup looks to try and excellent online tutorials to help. Another great advantage of trying out new makeup looks while bed bound is that you’re the only one who will see if you don’t like the results. Consider trying out a look you wouldn’t usually use to get a fresh look when you’re ready to get out and about again.

7. Play Some Casino Games

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a casino, and thanks to the internet, you don’t need to leave the house to enjoy the casino atmosphere. Countless online casinos offer excellent experiences and massive ranges of games to those playing at home. OnlineCasinos have a great list of excellent, tried, and tested online casinos for you to choose from and unleash your inner James Bond.

Remember when looking for an online casino, to be careful and to gamble responsibly.


8. Practice Meditation

Meditating can be a great way to keep yourself mentally healthy, calm, and recovering well. All you need is some peace and quiet to get started, and there are some excellent tutorials and guided meditation videos, and podcasts to help you get the most out of practice.

9. Learn Something New

While you’re bedbound and have nothing but time on your hands, you could use the opportunity to learn something new. Consider looking for some free online courses from reputable providers like the Khan Academy. You could learn anything from drawing to coding to new languages. Spending your time productively, even from bed, can be a great way to stay positive and help pass the time.


10. Order Some Comfort Food

When you can’t get out of bed to cook, this is a great excuse to treat yourself to some comfort food. Consider browsing the local takeaway menus through one of the many food delivery apps to find something that will make your day that little bit better. It may be best to choose a healthier option, as a balanced diet is critical to helping you recover from injury or illness.

11. Connect With Loved Ones

Connecting with friends and family can be invaluable for helping you recover. After all, if you’re bedbound, you’ll need a support system to help you out around the house until you’re back on your feet. You’ll also need to avoid loneliness and isolation that can result from a serious injury. Take the time to connect with friends and family, whether by phone or online. When you’re feeling well enough, consider inviting people over to your home.

12. Connect With A Support Group

There are support groups available to help people recover from all kinds of illnesses or injuries. Having the support of people who have been in the same position as you can be invaluable. You could search online for support groups for people in similar circumstances to you or a more generalised group for those who have experienced being bed bound for extended periods.

13. Plan A Holiday

Recovery from injury can be much easier to manage if you have something to look forward to, so you could consider planning a holiday when you’re back to peak health. This could be a small staycation or something more elaborate abroad. Plan the whole trip, including a detailed itinerary to keep you occupied and give you something to work towards.