Qurbaan Hua Episode Written Update 27 August 2024: Alekh Promises To Help Naveli

Within the last daily episode of Qurbaan Hua, Godambari sees Chahat questioning Naveli & Alekh. She comes to their own rescue & yells in Naveli for gathering her boyfriend. Godambari informs Chahat that Alekh had come to catch Naveli’s boyfriend. She scolds Naveli & both she & Alekh create drama to make Chahat sure that they’re not unfair.

Chahat overhears Neel’s voice & states that he’ll disclose the fact to Vyaasji. Neel gets drunk & informs Chahat that Vyaasji never understood him as a dad. Chahat informs Vyaasji to showcase his own fatherly love towards Neel.

On the different hand, Alekh gets angry in Godambari & states that they’ll not meet separately. Naveli assures to seek revenge from Chahat.

In tonight’s Qurbaan Hua, Chahat taunts Neel for getting drunk last night. Both Neel & Chahat gain into an argument.

She serves lemon water to Neel & informs him to feel best as there is a puja that going to be conducted. Neel realizes that it’s Ganesh Chaturthi puja & he gets prepared.

Everybody welcomes Neel for his own cooking skills & states that citizens need to taste his own meal. Vyaasji informs Neel that Chahat helped him grab this offer.

Vyaasji welcomes Neel & states that he’s proud of his own son. Neel gets emotional seeing Vyaasji’s gesture towards him. Naveli gets tensed as she gets a marriage proposal. Alekh assures to not let this happen & goes to solve her issue. Naveli begins crying & feels frustrated. What going to happen next?

Going to Alekh & Godambari solve Naveli’s issue?

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