Qurbaan Hua 6th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Chahat and Neil fulfill the rituals

Neil & Chahat do the GrehPerwash awhile Godambari is performing the Arti she imagines of just how could it be the foolishness of her eyes as she saw Chahat standing there, Viyas stops her informing that she must take (2) care of the rest of the rituals because it’d take (2) a plenty of time, Baleq goes to Godambari mentioning that he’s relived of not believing her as afterwards Viyas jee would think he’s the only 1 over the wedding,
Chahat is standing there wondering just how she’ll do the rituals because she doesnot have any idea although Neil takes a phone from Bophar clarifying that he’ll send her the pictures of the Rasam so she could accomplish them in sequence, he although he makes a error by sending her a photo of a footballer because Jamuna named him from behind.

Godambari enforces Chahat to do the GrehPerwash & she’s regarding to hit it with all her might however Neil seeing this stops her kneeling down hinting towards that she must hit it a gentle as possible.

Godambari afterwards places a cloth mentioning seeing that Neil sends her a photo & she fulfills the Rasam, Chahat is actually worried that what she’d accomplish in case there is any different Rasam afterwards Godambari calls her to stay there & brings bowl. Neil gets a call from Meera, Bophar questions what he’ll say to her Neil responds that he’s nothing to say to her.

Godambari brings a bowl & requests Chahat to [put her hands in it she dips her finger however afterwards Godambari references that she’s to put both of her finger, jamuna exclaims that she can’t as she’s a phone in her hands & so takes it from her even when she’s hesitant, Neil texts her the photo however she references that it’s with jamuna he gets worried & tries to instruct her from standing there, she imagines that she may have to put it on Viyas & afterwards Neil takes her hands to put it on the wall.

he references to Viyas that she wanted to take (2) the blessings of Saraswati, Viyas also references that he’s happy to watch that they both are actually happy.

Neil requests in case she’s not witnessed these rituals to that Chahat exclaims that she’d to research a lot & so has been unable to watch the films (or) anything engaged with excitement, Neil requests that he knows that these rituals aren’t In her religion that is why she’s worried, afterwards he gets amazed & happy to hear that he’s inflicted

something worthwhile to her, she requests in case there is any ritual left, he exclaims that he also doesnot really know as it’s also his own 1st wedding.

She references that she’s to wash the Alta & so heads to the bathroom however Naveli is now in there with Baleq that Chahat doesnot really know, she requests her to come out, afterwards jamuna comes exclaiming that everybody is awaiting for her, he shows her the different bathroom.

They’re performing the ceremonies in that they’ve to locate the rings, Chahat is able to locate the rings & so imagines that she’d always be extra relaxed & patient, afterwards they play a game where Chahat & Neil both have to take (2) a bite from that sweets & the 1 who takes the larger bite going to be the champion, she imagines of just how she’d not have to come closer to Neil, she drops a glass of water & afterwards eats the sweets, Godamabari is unable to watch it & leaves when Chahat doesnot feel okay & heads out to have water.

Baleq & Godambari are standing there, she requests him to watch Chahat reporting that the lady who has been within the truck had her Mang filled with Sindoor however she doesnot have any in her forehead that proves that she has been right & it wasn’t Chahat within the truck,
She hands her the glass of water requesting her where her Sindoor it. Chahat clarifies that it might be within the dupatta.

Neil comes reporting that they were wedded so what’s the want to keep the evidence, Godambari states that it’s not auspicious that the Sindoor wears off from that lady, so she brings the pot of it requesting Neil to fill her Mang once again.