Qurbaan Hua 5th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Qurbaan Hua 5 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (5-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Qurbaan Hua 5th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Chahat places her hand to gain the drink so Neil places it before her hand.

Neil requests why she drank the apple juice because she even performed like she has been drunk.

Chahat references that whenever her friends would fail they’d drink although she can’t as it’s prohibited in her religion so she’d drink the apple juice.

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Neil exclaims that she should be in a museum, Neil leaves requesting her to drink all that she could otherwise she’d gain ill, she even requests her mom to not talk with her because she’s a plenty of stress as she’s to fulfill the dreams of both her fathers.

Within the in the morning Viyas jee is trying to cool down Kripa, Chahat comes clarifying that she’d remain restless till she gets the warm milk, Viyas jee states that everybody would imagines that she’s the mom of Kripa because she cares a lot.

Chahat exclaims that she’s just friends with Kripa, Viyas jee gets angry mentioning that she takes care of her so much however where is Naveli as it’s the time for her research, Chahat references that she’s studied a lot ion the night so could take care of her.

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Chahat takes the album because she’s to watch it, Viyas jee references that he begins remembering his own daughter whenever there is the hot Sunday, he imagines that the most tough thing for a dad is that he’s to send his own daughter far away.

However it has been extra tough for him as he’d to also bury her, he advises her to never be angry with her dad, Chahat remembers just how her dad prayed for her afterwards leaves for her room, she remembers just how she met her dad the last time.

Afterwards taking out his own photo exclaims that she misses him a lot, Neil also arrives the room where Chahat is exclaiming that the next day is Eid e Milab & just how they’d celebrate it with all zest however she doesnot need to celebrate it without him.

Neil imagines why the names of Muslim rituals are so tough. Baleq in the workplace requests the peon in case he’d accomplish something for him, Baleq references that he requires info of someone, the peon states that Neil moved out 2 yrs.

Back, Baleq references that Neil’s girlfriend Chahat although the peon exclaims that his own girlfriend wasn’t Chahat in that Neil realises that he’s wedded some of the different lady.

Chahat is unable to learn her subjective part however afterwards Neil comes into the kitchen singing the songs, he states that she’s gotten actually tired, Chahat requests just how he feels after seeing the books is that they must utilize as weights for the cooking.

Chahat states that she’s to research. Neil exclaims that she’s to have a new mind for target, so he takes her with him afterwards she doesnot really know where he’s taking her, he also requests Bopho to remain careful.

Chahat requests in case he’s gotten a big order, Neil references that it has been because today is Eid e Milad so they’d share meal among the poverty-stricken, afterwards Chahat teases him.

Viyas jee also comes requesting her to deposit the meal within the bank in that Chahat agrees. When the share the meal, Chahat exclaims that he’d have gotten a plenty of prayers, Neil exclaims that this would be due to her so she could pass the examination.

Chahat is perplexed to watch the foods as she’s not eaten them does so long however afterwards he requests just how could she pretend for so long, she clarifies that it’d be unfair.

He questions why she’s rejecting because she’s the daughter of Viyas so would never accomplish anything unfair that would wound Viyas jee, Neil requests her to just eat it however she clarifies that they’d give it among the poverty-stricken.

Neil exclaims that she’s the finest fraud daughter-in-law, she exclaims that she’d also want something else because she desires something to eat within the dahaba, he questions just how much would she need him to spend in that.

She states that it’s not easy to retain a spouse, as she wants a veg meal. After eating the meal, Chahat clarifies that she didn’t really know that it has been so delicious, so they’d also bring Viyas jee, Neil states that he’d show her just how it feels after eating so much.

He acts as in case he’s farting afterwards clarifies that it has been just an act. She realises that she didn’t deposit the money however afterwards he requests her to put it within the glove box.

Chahat locates out that Viyas jee has lodged himself in an old age house, Neil exclaims that he’d call him however Chahat tries to clarify that their own relationship is not as it must be. She requests him just how he calls his own dad.

Because this is what made him think that he’d not need to take his own responsibility, Neil states that he could never discuss Viyas jee as a load, neil states that he knows what he’s to accomplish because he ahs to block the registration.

Neil & Chahat enter the home, Neil is worried in that Chahat requests him to talk with Viyas jee 1st. Neil states that he’d talk with him actually shortly. Godamabri blames that Viyas jee instructed her to not involve Chahat in any work.

Because she’s to research afterwards Chahat references that she’ll research the overall night, Godamabri requests her to wake up in 5 am because it’s their own ritual so she’d have to fast for Neil, Chahat wonders just how she’d fulfill the fast of Karawachot because Neil is not her spouse & what would she tell Viyas jee.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 5th November 2024 / (5-11-2020)

First episode date: 25 February 2024
Network: Zee TV
Number of episodes: 84
Directed by: Tabrez Khan
Language: Hindi

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee TV: 10:00 pm(IST)

Qurbaan Hua Cast:

    • Pratibha Ranta
    • Karan Jotwani
    • Nitin Bhasin
    • Sonali Nikam
    • Nishad Vaidya

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