Qurbaan Hua 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Neil Saves Chahat From The Robbers

Chahat approaches the gate where Ghazala comes in veil, she gets closer to Chahat & Neil is also watching them both from a gap, he wonders who she’s come to meet. Chahat references that she had come alone awhile she has been to bring the worker, the ladies exclaim that she’s not a thief & Chahat would meet the worker.

Viyas jee brings the keys requesting Baleq to take (2) the amount from that locker, afterwards when Baleq opens the safe there have been only 2 stacks of amount, Baleq references that there was a robbery.

Godambari requests just how could there be a shortage of amount as hasn’t even taken any amount, he exclaims that there was an actual robbery, Godambari exclaims that she feels Chahat is the 1 to steal the amount, Viyas jee requests them to call Chahat.

Chahat is trying to take (2) her purse from Misses Shiswativ however when she’s regarding to take (2) off the veil she runs far away & throws the purse.

Chahat bumps into a pile of boxes & standing up imagines that she may have taken the amount however when she locates the purse in case relieve although a real robber tries taking the purse however she saves it from him & afterwards when he tries taking her by enforce, Neil comes & begins hitting the robber.

although when he requests why he cares for her so much he states that Chahat is his own spouse & begins beating the robber, he throws sand in his own eyes & begins hitting Neil however Chahat hits him after that he runs far away, she also begins hitting Neil not knowing who he’s & is sorry when she comes to really know the fact,

Jamuna doesnot believe that Chahat is capable of doing anything of the sort although Godambari & Baleq both say that she’s ruined his own trust & is the 1 to steal the amount, Viyas jee gets angry when they both are blaming Chahat & so in anger calls Neil to bring Chahat back.

Neil is cleansing his own face when Chahat requests why he had come in disguise, Neil states that he saw her taking the amount & understood that she has been trying to locate her dad that is why he had come after her, he requests why has been she so reckless as she may have gotten died, she references that it’d not be so problematic as she already lives in hell with him, he gets a call from Viyas jee ordering him to bring Chahat as she’s to answer his own

queries, they both leaves & arrive in the home where Godambari calls Chahat a thief.

Jamuna tries to defend Chahat insisting that Viyas jee block her however he states that what she’s informing today is the fact, Neil tries to take (2) the side of Chahat as in case she’s identified guilty Viyas jee would throw her out of the home & she’d not be able to lead him to Dr Baig.

he sends her to their own room however she drops the purse & they locate the stacks of amount from her purse.

Godambari references that she’d have inquired them all for amount in case she required any amount however she feels that her parents would’ve only taught her stealing, Viyas jee also requests her she’s finished this because the amount has been for Coronavirus Relief sufferers.

Chahat states that she’s not stolen any amount because the amount that they’ve identified belongs to them has been given to them both the quite next day of their own wedding by Jamuna, afterwards Godambari requests where the rest of the amount is.

Chahat brings the box of rice & pulls out the rest of the stacks of amount, exclaiming that she has been taught to divide the amount as within the complaint of robbery the loss be minimal that shocks Vyas jee & he seeks apology from Chahat who references that he’s their own elder & shouldn’t seek apology.

she has been the 1 who’s unfair & must have reported them all regarding the amount & where she’s positioned them, he must therefor take (2) the keys & hand them return to Godambari.

Neil immediately takes them & hands the keys to Godambari who immediately takes them informing that in case they both wat she’d take (2) the responsibility, Neil also states that Chahat must give the amount to Godambari & in case she needs them she’d inquire her.

Within the in the evening when everybody takes the lid off there is no meal within the plate of Chahat, jamuna requests Godambari why she didn’t service her any meal, Viyas jee references that he instructed her to because jamuna also takes care of his own responsibility & even Baleq takes care of the child.

awhile the rest of the expense is managed by him, afterwards Neil must take (2) the responsibility of Chahat as she shouldn’t have to inquire anybody for amount & till Neil is unable to earn any amount she’d have to stay hungry that he already apologizes.

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