Qurbaan Hua 14th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Chahat Finally Prepares The Qanthi

Viyas appeals where she detected it, Chahat clears that she detected the Rakhi by this garbage can, everyone is stunned to hear it, Viyas states that the last Rakhi of Saraswati for Neil was detected close by garbage can, Viyas wonders who could have completed it.

Jamuna mentions that Godambari cleaned the room of Saraswati the last time, Viyas gets really angry with her mentioning that this is the respect that has for the daughter of the house Godambari tries to clear that it happened by fault, Viyas states that Saraswati is.

not only present with them in live form although her memories live on, he announces that Godambari going to keep a fast till tomorrow.

Godambari states that she will not keep the fast & going to eat as they’re not servants to obey any command that he imparts, Jamuna tries to clear that it was her fault & she’s the one to be blamed, she gets angry afterwards getting up questions why he reported them that she cleaned the room & as such he should keep the fast.

Jamuna orders Naveli to go & tie the Rakhi on Neil’s hand as he will be missing Saraswati today, Godambari stops her reporting that in complaint she goes to Neil, she will commit suicide.

Neil is as of now in his own own room looking within the Rakhi he thinks that she never forgot to tie the Rakhi though he was not been able to protect her & so ensures that he will always look after the Rakhi & also take (2) revenge from those who passed away her. He is trying to tie it although could’t accomplish it afterwards leans on the table & starts crying.

Chahat is on the hall thinking that that Qanthi would be as important as the prayer of Zahur on Friday., she hears Neil crying afterwards thinks of what she can accomplish to help him as he’s missing his own own sister, she takes out her

bracelet afterwards exclaims that even though that it’s broken she had never let it go as the bracelet has the memories of the family  (4), Neil also follows hr instruction & afterwards is finally able to tie the Rakhi to his own own hand using the rubber band, he gets really delighted after it, Chahat leaves.

Chahat is as of now within the lawn thinking that she doesnot just just how to tie a Qanthi & wonders that she’s solved the problem of Neil although what can she accomplish about the Qanthi, she prays to Allah to send someone to her help.

She sees that Godambari has also come out on the terrace afterwards wonders what she will accomplish with her standing over her, Godambari

appeals her in complaint she’s made the Qanthi to that Chahat states that she will accomplish it as soon as possible, Godambari clears that even lions come out in the night so she finest hurry. Neil comes to her.

Godambari exclaims that he’s come to help Chahat, he refuses reporting that he’d come to only calm down gollu, Godambari states that he’s not even seen her face till now, Neil exclaims that he desires to although could’t & so she should hold gollu & he will tell her a post after that she will calm down.

He sits on the edge & starts telling the post. He reports the title that a sign is enough for the clever, Chahat is not been able to really know the title, he begins telling the post that there was a princess who name was shezwan kumari & who passed away an animal & so the king banned her after that she initiated staying in the forest.

he in his own own post clear the total technique by that she can make a Qanthi, when he ends his own own post both gollu & Godambari are asleep. She is pleased that she was able to make a Qanthi.

Viyas jee is as of now within the house she hands him the Qanthi after that he states that she should present it to Ganesh in the Mandir & also apologize from him for killing any staying as in complaint they could’t give personal personal life so why should they take (2) it, she heads to the mandir & he after stopping her exclaiming that she should stop being nervous as it’s in the personal personal life of a human to make faults although they should not repeat them ever.

He leaves & when she’s about to go in the Mandir Neil comes down, she states that in complaint she goes to the mandir it had be disrespectful so he should accomplish it, she also appreciation him for helping her & he appreciation her for helping him.

He heads into the Mandir exclaiming that the mouse did not die as he saw it racing by this kitchen, she gets mad asking why did he not inform Viyas jee about it.

he states that he did not inform her because he really likes when she’s punished, Chahat gets mad & starts shouting to that he stops her clearing that he’s praying.

Chahat sees someone outdoor the house & when goes there sees a box, she realizes that it’s from her dad who is still alive, she’s not been able to really know what to accomplish.

Godambari comes & thinks that it belongs to her as it had have the belt that Naveli had directed, she takes it from Chahat & leaves .

in complaint Godambari reads it she had come to actually really know of her truth, Chahat runs to stop Godambari although sees that it’s only Nath, Chahat states that she only wants the box although Godambari states that she had not give her even a single jewel so she should stop thinking of it. Godambari locks it in the wardrobe, Chahat thinks of just just how she could gain to it.

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