Qurbaan Hua 10th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Qurbaan Hua 10th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Chahat runs outdoor the home in search of Neil.

Godambari cries that Chahat should know Neel going to never repatriate. The moon has been sighted. Chahat states it’s God’s symbolism, Neel going to surely repatriate.

Godambari sits to take Chahat’s bangles off. Chahat doesn’t let anybody take them off. She has been sure Neel should repatriate. Baleq comes to Viyas Ji & states Chahat is now in terrible condition.

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There, Dr. Baig speaks to a reputed plastic surgeon for his own support, as the patient suffers 3rd graduation burns. He imagines he all the time cursed Neel however today he only remembers his own oath & responsibility. On the passing out ceremony in 1956 he taken an oath that being a doctor is not profession, however responsibility.

He’ll trying to safeguard lives until demise, no issue it’s personal life of a friend (or) foe. Dr. Baig cleans the injuries from Neel’s face.

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Chahat spreads Neel’s clothes within the room. She states Neel should come to the room & scold her as of now. She knows Neel is about as he can’t fool her.

Viyas Jee comes to the room & informs Chahat to take the baby from her. He’s broken as 1st Sarsati & afterwards Neel has been snatched from him. He’s no child as of now. He pleads Chahat not to leave them.

Dr. Baig pours medicine on Neel’s face & begins bandaging his own face. He screams in pain.

Chahat assures Viyas Jee she’ll not leave him (or) Kripa. Neel going to also not leave them. She doesn’t need them to do any pooja finished on demise events.

She has been sure Neel is alive, there going to be no mourning for Neel within the home. She has been sure Neel going to repatriate.

Baleq cancels any deal of idol. Godambari comes to the room & states Chahat took assure from Viyas Jee that there going to be no Pooja for Neel. Baleq celebrates his own victory of sitting as a Mank as of now.

Viyas Jee Saturday on the floor & informs Jamuna to close the curtains. He’s the unluckiest dad of this globe & the sunrays mocks him. Baleq comes to Viyas Jee & states he believes he has been too busy with temple duties & neglected being a great dad.

As of now he should lend him the responsibility of temple, & he live as a dad to Baleq only. Baleq has been excited & goes to speak to temple’s responsibility.

Viyas Jee stops Baleq & states it’s time Baleq only takes care of Kripa. He’s handing the responsibility to Chahat. Jamuna agrees with Viyas Jee’s call.

Godambari requests Gayatri in case she’ll still marry Baleq, when he’s nothing in hand. Gayatri rejects. Baleq hears this & has been furious over their own greed. He informs them to watch what he as of now does to grab the seat.

Neel has been in terrible pain. Dr. Baig has been impatient & prays for his own personal life. Ghazala & Ram Chandra have been within the car. Ghazala wonders just how Chahat has been saved again.

They location Dr. Baig outdoor the clinic, Ghazala comes to him & questions what he’s upto. She requests what’s within the room. Dr. Baig had bandaged Neel. Ghazala goes to see inside. Dr. Baig imagines in case Ghazala locates out regarding Vijas Jee’s son she won’t spare him.

He screams that he just saw Chahat & runs outdoor. Ram Chandra holds Dr. Baig. Ghazala clarifies to the citizens about that her spouse is not in a mentally stable state.

They enforce him within the car & imparts him injection forcefully. Dr. Baig fells dizzy, & silently apologizes to Neel that he attempted his own finest for safeguard him.

After a week, Viyas Jee Saturday with Neel’s photo & cries that he loves him dearly. Within the room, Chahat has been upset that Neel is far from them for the whole week. She misses Neel & sits with his own shirt. She recalls all their own times together.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 10th November 2024 / (10-11-2020)

First episode date: 25 February 2024
Network: Zee TV
Number of episodes: 84
Directed by: Tabrez Khan
Language: Hindi

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee TV: 10:00 pm(IST)

Qurbaan Hua Cast:

    • Pratibha Ranta
    • Karan Jotwani
    • Nitin Bhasin
    • Sonali Nikam
    • Nishad Vaidya

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