Palestinians protest against normalisation agreement between Israel, UAE

Gaza/Ramallah, August 15 : Hundreds of Palestinians showed within the West Bank & Gaza over the United States’ sponsored normalization settlement between Israel & the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Islamic Jihad Movement & different Palestinian factions organised the demonstration in Gaza city. Chiefs of the factions, involving the Hamas movement, joined the dissent on Fri., Xinhua press agency recorded.

The hordes came out from al-Omari main mosque in Gaza city, waving flags & chanting slogans over the UAE. They marched the main street & came together in Palestine square in this city’s downtown.

They carried banners writing “Palestine is not for sale” “No for normalization & no for those who lead normalization with the occupation” & “normalization is a knife within the back of the Palestinian citizens.”

Member of the Islamic Jihad Movement’s political bureau Khaled Al-Batsh renewed the Palestinian citizens’s condemnation & rejection of the settlement, calling on the UAE to withdraw its recognition of Israel immediately.

Hamas movement leader Mushir al-Masri discussed during this demonstration on behalf of the different factions’ chiefs that the Palestinian citizens described the declaration of the settlement as “a black day for our citizens & cause.”

“The settlement is a overall betrayal of the Palestinian cause & an unpardonable diplomatic action that no 1 forgives. It’s a stab within the back of the Palestinians & imparts free solutions to the occupation,” al-Masri stated.

Rallies also occurred in some of the West Bank cities.