Pak court asks govt to give India 2nd offer in Jadhav case

Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has inquired the federal govt of PM Imran Khan to give the other offer & chance to India(In) within the Kulbhushan Jadhav complaint to appoint a legal representative & watch using the review trial from that civilian court.

The directions have been given on Mon. when a two-member bench of the IHC has been hearing the complaint of the Indian domestic, who was given a demise sentence by this Pakistani military courts.

The petition, registered by this defense secretary, seeks to appoint a legal representative for him in-line with the judgement of the Intl. Court of Justice (ICJ).

Attorney Gen. of Pakistan(PAK) (AGP) Khalid Javed Khan reported the court that Jadhav has been detained on Mar 3, 2016, for illegally accessing Pakistan(PAK), adding that the Indian “spy”, who has been functioning with India(In)’s Study & Analysis Wing (RAW) had confessed of being engaged in espionage operations in his own confessional announcement before the magistrate.

“The military court had sentenced Jadhav after implementing his own trial as per the Troops Act & Officer Secret Act after that, in 2017, India(In) reached the ICJ,” retained AGP Khan.

The two-member bench, comprising of Chief Justice Athar ].Minallah & Justice Miangul Hasan Aurangzeb, named on the govt to give India(In) the other opportunity & offer to appoint a legal representative within the complaint.

“As of now the issue is now in the High Court(H.C), so why not give India(In) the other opportunity. The Indian govt (or) Kulbashan Jadhav might review the call,” stated Chief Justice Minallah.

The court also ruled to form a larger bench for the hearing & appointed Sr. lawyers Abid Hassan Manto, Abid Khan & Makhdoom Ali Khan as amicus curiae.

The complaint has been postponed until Sep 3.

During this hearing, the AGP stated that India(In) had charged Pakistan(PAK) of violating the Vienna Convention by refusing consular accessibility to Jadhav, adding that the ICJ had released a stay order on his own execution, that is valid till now.

“In pursuance of the ICJ orders, an ordinance has been released & Jadhav has been given a opportunity to file a review petition over his own sentence,” he stated.

“Jadhav has been given complete right to file a review appeal over his own demise sentence. India(In) has been as of now racing from that ICJ’s call.”

The AGP stated that India(In) has been trying to seek relief by pointing out flaws within the Jadhav complaint, whose mercy petition is still pending before the Pakistan(PAK) troops chief.