Macron defends blasphemy, decries ‘Islamic separatism’

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron criticized Fri. what he named Islamic separatism in his own nation & those who seek French citizenship without accepting France’s right to commit blasphemy.

Macron defended satirical news paper Charlie Hebdo, that posted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that helped inspire 2 French-born Islamic extremists to mount a deadly Jan 2015 attack on the paper’s newsroom.

The weekly republished the pictures this week as the trial started of 14 citizens over the targets on Charlie Hebdo & on a kosher supermarket.

Talking in a ceremony Fri. celebrating France’s democratic biography & naturalizing new residents, the French president stated, You don’t choose 1 part of France. You choose France….The Republic going to never permit any separatist adventure.

Freedom in France, Macron stated, includes the freedom to believe (or) not to believe. However this is inseparable from that freedom of expression as many as the right to blasphemy. Noting the trial that opened Wed., he stated, To be French is to defend the right to make citizens laugh, to criticize, to mock, to caricature. The 2015 targets died 17 citizens & marked the starting of a wave of violence by this Islamic State crowd in Europe.

Macron’s centrist govt has assured a law within the coming mos over Islamic separatism however it’s not evident yet exactly what it’d police. Some of the critics fear it can unfairly stigmatize France’s mostly moderate Muslim public, the highest in western Europe.