Lockdown Ki Love Story 29th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Lockdown Ki Love Story 29th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Nutan informing 1 extra human is there to cast the vote. Sheetal requests who, going to you call the ancestors. Nutan calls Batasa to come. Shashi requests what does he need.

Batasa states Nutan did a great deed to bring me house from that road, knowing that Nutan is unfair today, I could’t go over her to support Sonam, so I give my vote over Sonam.

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Nutan smiles. She rings a plate & states I’ve won, my son & this home got saved from that epidemic. She scolds Sonam & requests her to go as of now. Shashi states Sonam going to respect our call & go. Dhruv feels bad.

Nutan requests Sonam for what’s she awaiting. She states I’ll never bless you. Sonam begins leaving. Nutan states I really know Sheetal’s vote, however Shashi must really know that they won by most of votes. Sheetal states everybody has witnessed that Sneha supported Shashi.

Nutan states yes, so what. Sheetal stops Sonam. She states my vote goes to Sonam, I need Sonam to stay here. Nutan requests what did you say, say it again. Sheetal states I m on Shashi’s side, I m granting my vote to him.

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Shashi hugs Sheetal & smiles. Sneha hugs Sonam. Nutan catches Sheetal’s neck & suffocates her. She scolds her. Dhruv requests Nutan to leave Sheetal. Nutan states Sheetal has backstabbed me.

Sonam states I m also feeling much bad, I really know the pain when someone backstabs you. Nutan states I really know you’re happy. Sheetal states this happened due to Sonam. Ankita takes Sheetal to the room.

Shashi requests Nutan to accomplish anything she desires, however Sonam going to stay in their own home as of now. He requests Sneha to take Sonam. Nutan states Sonam won’t gain any place here. Dheeraj states Sonam going to stay here, what’s unfair as of now, Sonam got the votes, let her shift to Sneha’s room.

Nutan states no, she could’t occupy any room. Dheeraj shouts you’re doing unfair. Nutan cries & states you accomplish 1 thing, gain voting finished again, this time for me, in case I’ll stay here (or) not, you need me to leave, I’ve given you birth, I regret seeing Dheeraj, Batasa is best than you, I just rised him, you didn’t help me. She scolds him. Dhruv looks on sadly.

Milky’s mum states I’ll go as of now, take care. Shashi shouts on her & requests her to leave. He requests Sonam to forgive him, she’s to stay just like before. He states Nutan is actually mad. Sonam gratitude him.

Hulchul states I’ll leave. Dhruv states don’t show your face in this home again. Hulchul requests him to close his own eyes. Dhruv requests why going to you come, you backstabbed me.

Hulchul states the citizens here don’t know backstabbing, I’ll come for Shashi & Sonam, you could close your eyes.

Dhruv states whatever you did is over, don’t talk between my entire family matters. Sonam states I don’t need to say anything, I need to inquire, on whose side are you, Nutan (or) Milky, lie (or) fact. Dhruv gets angry. He shouts & goes.

Sonam goes to the house temple. She gratitude Devi maa. She states I think I’ll win, just bless me to win the battle. She cries.

Nutan cries a lot. Sheetal comes. Nutan takes vase to hit her. Sheetal stops her & states you vented anger on me already. Nutan requests why did you come here. Sheetal states I didn’t deceive you, I has been saving your dreams, in case Sonam left the home, afterwards Dhruv would’ve expelled Milky as well, afterwards we’d have failed to support Milky. Milky looks on.

Sheetal states Dhruv & Milky could stay far away inside the room, however remaining won’t really know it, Sonam won’t leave this city in case she leaves the home, she’ll ruin our entire family respect, think, in case the enemy stays far away & could make big attack, we must bring enemy close & make him weak.

Milky states yes, she’s right, what in case we lost this time, we’ve to step return to take a big jump, we’ll take avenge on Sonam. Nutan imagines.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Sunday

Ongoing Updates: 29th October 2024 / (29-10-2020)

First episode date: 31 August 2024
Number of episodes: 36
Network: StarPlus
Number of seasons: 1
Written by: Shanti Bhushan, Sanjay Masoom

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 7:00 PM(IST)

Lockdown Ki Love Story Cast:

    • Mohit Malik
    • Sana Sayyad
    • Rashmi Sharma
    • Jayati Bhatia
    • Kashish D Paul

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