Lockdown Ki Love Story 27th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Lockdown Ki Love Story 27 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (27-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Lockdown Ki Love Story 27th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Sheetal informing I didn’t accomplish anything, why going to we burn Milky. Inspector states sufferer gave announcement, as of now we’ll take the culprits to PS (police station).

He calls the female constables. Sheetal states Milky is a liar, just how dare she. She goes within the ward & shouts on Milky. Everybody comes. Sheetal scolds Milky. Dhruv requests did you go mad, why are you blaming them.

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Sonam states say something, what going to you gain doing this. Milky’s dad states Milky, you’ve finished unfair. Subhadra states in case you need to block this marriage, afterwards okay, I’ll take Sonam to Mumbai (Bombay) with me.

Dhruv states Sonam won’t go anywhere. He holds Sonam’s hand. Milky sees them. Shashi states Dhruv is right, don’t let Sonam go anywhere as of now, even in case we stay in jail (or) pass away there, they’ve performed a big game, this is the result of it. He requests inspector to take them.

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He states court going to decide in case we burnt her (or) not, its punishment that we didn’t care for Dhruv & Sonam’s lives before. Sheetal shouts no, I’ll not go anywhere, I just had come for Dhruv’s marriage, he could marry anybody, I’ll leave the city, let me go. Constable catches her.

Sheetal shouts on Milky. Milky states I’ll ruin Sonam & Dhruv’s lives. Subhadra requests what did you accomplish, you call that entire family your Sasural, you’re breaking that entire family. Sneha requests why did you lie. Milky requests doctor to send them far away. Doctor requests them to leave.

They all go out. Milky smiles. Raghav comes there in ward boy’s disguise. He states congrats, ladies give agni pariksha to prove themselves right, you’ve given agni pariksha for your spouse. She states its due to you, you didn’t take Sonam, gain out of here.

He states you also need me to leave, you’ll also complain regarding me, let me give medicine for your burns. She states leave me. She shouts. He shuts her mouth & injects something. She faints.

He states I had come to distribute pain & you shouted, take rest as of now. He goes. Sonam requests Dhruv to talk to Milky 1st. She states we’ve to gain bail for entire family. Dhruv states yes, we’ll go.

She requests him to go, she’ll come thereafter. He leaves. She goes to temple & prays. She requests why does anybody’s lie overpowers my fact, I’ll give this test also, Milky has conspired to separate Dhruv & me, I m sure you’ll help me. Raghav comes there to pray. She turns & gets stunned seeing him.

She requests what are you doing here. He states I m regretting, I must have got you & Dhruv wedded in my home, this would haven’t happened, tell me in case you need any support. Milky’s dad requests just how did Milky faint suddenly, see her doctor. Sonam requests what happened to Milky.

Raghav states nothing, I went to clarify her that she shouldn’t disturb Dhruv & Sonam, she argued & inquired me why didn’t I murder Sonam, she has been informing unfair, she didn’t listen to me, I fainted her, I’ll give her poison in case she goes over, I’ll go as of now, my mum is awaiting. He goes. Sonam worries.

Dhruv meets a lawyer. Lawyer requests him to talk to Milky to take complaint back, it’ll take much time to gain bail. Dhruv states everybody has witnessed she’s burnt herself, she’ll not help anybody.

Lawyer states okay, we’ll watch, however inquire Milky to take the complaint back, that’s the easy way. Milky’s dad scolds the doctor. Doctor states sorry, I’ll prepare security.

Dhruv comes to watch Milky. Dhruv reminds a childhood incident. Sonam looks on. Dhruv states we habituated to safeguard every different from blames & scolding in childhood. Milky smiles. Milky’s dad looks on.

Dhruv states we didn’t gain anybody in between us, this time, why did you gain my parents in between, you could fight me, punish me, spare them. He folds hands. Milky requests her dad to send Sonam inside. She states I’ll take a call. Sonam comes.

Dhruv signs Sonam. Milky states Dhruv is right, we’d fights between us, we didn’t gain anybody else in between, so entire family shouldn’t come in between, no want to talk to Sonam, I’ll just talk to Dhruv, what accomplish you need Dhruv, your parents (or) Sonam.

You’ve to accept me as spouse in case you choose your parents, (or) stay with Sonam & gain rid of me, you’ll gain far away your entire family, take call, you need Sonam (or) your entire family. Dhruv & Sonam gain stunned.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Sunday

Ongoing Updates: 27th November 2024 / (27-11-2020)

First episode date: 31 August 2024
Number of episodes: 36
Network: StarPlus
Number of seasons: 1
Written by: Shanti Bhushan, Sanjay Masoom

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 7:00 PM(IST)

Lockdown Ki Love Story Cast:

    • Mohit Malik
    • Sana Sayyad
    • Rashmi Sharma
    • Jayati Bhatia
    • Kashish D Paul


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