Lockdown Ki Love Story 1st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Lockdown Ki Love Story 1 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (1-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Lockdown Ki Love Story 1st December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Dheeraj & Ankita coming for puja. Pandit states your brother is awaiting. Dheeraj requests is Dhruv here. Raghav comes with Sumitra & states I m also a brother, we’ll accomplish puja, we’re 1 entire family for the globe, the fact going to win.

He requests them to come, there is a amaze for them. They watch some of the people playing band. Shobha gets Sheetal there. Ankita states Sheetal got free, however where are Shashi & Nutan. Raghav hugs Sheetal.

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He states Bua has return, gain prepared, why are you missing your mum & dad. They dance. Raghav takes Dheeraj & Ankita for dance. Dheeraj pushes Raghav far away. He shouts block all this, we didn’t come here to dance.

He requests Sheetal where are Shashi & Nutan. Shobha states they’re in lockup. Dheeraj requests just how did Bua gain free. Sheetal states I m innocent, your mum & dad attempted to burn bahu, so they’ll stay in jail.

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Ankita states you’ve witnessed that Milky ignited fire herself. Sheetal states law is blind, I’ve informed them that Shashi & Nutan attempted to burn Milky for the sake of dowry. Shobha states right. Raghav requests the people to play band. They dance.

Milky’s dad states you did unfair, you won’t gain Dhruv this way. Milky states I’ve made it easy for Dhruv, he’ll gain his own parents in case he chooses me, he’s to think in case he desires his own parents (or) Sonam, block clarifying me, go & clarify Dhruv. She hears music. Dhruv & Sonam speak to lawyer.

Lawyer states complaint has been easy to tackle, however Sheetal has gone over your mum & dad, complaint is over as of now, its out of hands, as of now your parents going to gain jailed.

Sumitra feels bad & cries. Ankita states when you named me, I imagined you’re still the same, I didn’t really know you named me here to offend. Sumitra cries. Sheetal states I got free of the jail, Ankita going to just spread sorrow, he isn’t happy for me. Ankita gets angry & argues.

Raghav takes sweets for Dheeraj & requests could’t you talk to us well, what did you gain, your parents are behind bars, at the least Bua has come. Dheeraj states I warn you, stay far from me. Raghav states I m granting you sweets, have it. Dheeraj throws the sweet.

Raghav states you did unfair, just how I’ve to pick it from that field & feed you. Dheeraj gets his own gun & points in him. He scolds Raghav.

Sonam & Dhruv come house. Sonam states we’re trying to gain Shashi & Nutan come, did you’ve meal, Sneha. Subhadra signs no. Dhruv requests where are Dheeraj & Ankita. Subhadra states they went for puja.

Sneha states Sumitra has named them for a puja. Dhruv states I really know them, it won’t be a puja, I hope everything is okay. Raghav requests going to you shoot me for a laddoo, don’t joke.

Dheeraj states Shobha going to come with Sheetal to alter announcement & tell the fact. He states in case Sheetal doesn’t say anything, I’ll shoot you, I won’t regret to go jail to safeguard my parents. He catches Raghav. Shobha requests did you go mad. Dheeraj states take Sheetal to PS (police station) else I’ll shoot your son.

Shobha states okay. Sheetal states we won’t go to jail again, Dheeraj won’t shoot, don’t worry. Raghav tries to snatch the gun.

Ankita & Sumitra gain scared. Shobha gets shot in his own arm. They gain stunned. Raghav runs to Shobha. Dheeraj & Ankita look on. Shobha states call police 1st, call ambulance thereafter. Ankita calls Dhruv. He requests where are you, is everything okay. She states nothing is okay, come to the temple fast, Dheeraj has shot Shobha.

Dhruv gets stunned. Sonam requests Dhruv. Raghav sends Shobha within the ambulance. Raghav sees Dheeraj & holds his own collar. He states you made a big error, you attempted to murder my dad, you & your entire family going to pass away in case anything happens to Shobha.

He holds Ankita’s hand & stops her. Dheeraj is taken by this police. Raghav states your spouse did a big error, I won’t let anything happen to my dad, your entire family going to pay for it, I’ll not leave anybody. She cries. He threatens her & goes. She cries. Dhruv comes there. He requests what happened. She informs everything.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Sunday

Ongoing Updates: 1st December 2024 / (1-12-2020)

First episode date: 31 August 2024
Number of episodes: 36
Network: StarPlus
Number of seasons: 1
Written by: Shanti Bhushan, Sanjay Masoom

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
StarPlus: 7:00 PM(IST)

Lockdown Ki Love Story Cast:

    • Mohit Malik
    • Sana Sayyad
    • Rashmi Sharma
    • Jayati Bhatia
    • Kashish D Paul

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