Lakewood City Council believed to create Tree Advisory & Education Board

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – City Council on Sept. 16 is expected to approve the introduction of a Lakewood Tree Advisory & Education Board, which will comprise five appointed citizens tasked with maintaining and developing the town’s tree canopy.

“That is a plank which expects to keep on the important function of the Tree Task Force which was made in the wake of Hurricane Sandy,” City Council President Sam O’Leary explained. “The devastation to our urban tree canopy actually lacked a dialog regarding the way we protect and develop our tree decoration in town long-term.

“This board may seek to not only make certain that the best practices which were developed by the Tree Task Force are followed closely in perpetuity, but we continue to educate the general public about the value of trees in our area ”

Stated the advantages of a healthy tree canopy range from land values to roads that we’re maintaining and stormwater control cooler throughout the hot months.

Education Board & the Tree Advisory was a recommendation.

Lakewood Arborist Chris Perry reported the Tree Advisory & Education Board may be critical when it comes to instructing residents on the value and benefits of trees, in addition to supporting the planting of trees on private land.

“To achieve our long-term objective to boost our town tree canopy cover 5% by 2035 — from 28.5% to 33.5% — we will need to have more personal land planting, along with the large number of yearly plantings the city has already been doing the previous six decades,” Perry stated.

“Residents have the most space accessible to plant trees, therefore 45 percent to 50 percent of future expansion must happen on private property”

Education Board & the Lakewood Tree Advisory will not be starting from scratch, taking into consideration the town has a proven tree action plan set up listing targets and actions that are necessary.

“That strategy is rooted in the science of trees, information monitored and listed within Lakewood and at the maintenance programs and decision-making procedure connected with an urban forest within a high-density community such as Lakewood,” Perry stated.

“The only missing part of this mystery inside our strategy is that our lack of focus and time needed to play a much bigger part in engaging the public to plant more trees and care for their trees and instruction about the benefits of trees”

The Tree Advisory & Education Board will be comprised of three City Council and two appointments if accepted. Interested citizens must submit a resume and cover letter describing their understanding of and fascination with trees from Sept. 13 to the clerk of council.

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