Kundli Bhagya Episode 8 September 2024 Written Update Spoilers

In today’s episode, we’re going to debate the series “Kundli Bhagya”. Today the daily episode starts with Rishabh states to Karan that you’re blaming Preeta even he doesn’t have any evidence over her.

Karan states that he’s so clever & he knows regarding the Preeta. Rishabh breaks his own passion when Karan requests him that she also shakes hands with you. Preeta states that Karan has a trust that is the largest issue. Karan requests that when she’s speaking with her brother why he’s suspended between both of them.

Preeta states that she’s speaking regarding him so that is evident that he’ll contain in this issue. She states that she’s here to gets their own rights.

However as of now she’s not going there to make him know because it’s a waste. She states that he still not trust him & as of now he doesn’t trust him. That is why he doesn’t prove that this time he imagines that he’ll trust himself.

Karan requests as of now what regarding her rights. Preeta states to him that you’ve to full all assure that he imparts during this marriage.

Preeta also stated that they’ve so numerous mysteries that she doesn’t really know also. As of now Preeta needs him to safeguard her family (4). Afterwards he replies that he’ll never support her.

Kareena states that Karan’s call is perfect. Sherlyn informs that she could’t enforce the Karan to accept her as a spouse. Ngo lady informs that she feels Karan imagines to accept the Preeta however his own family (4) doesn’t win him & as of now his own whole personal life like a hell.

She states that in case the could’t block speaking like this so they’ve to face the implications.

On the different hand, the Police official stated in case Preeta imparts the announcement over the Luthra family (4) so he’s to detain all this family (4). She imparts the advice to them to accept the Preeta otherwise next day in each information channel & news paper has information regarding the Luthra family (4).

Preeta stated that when Karan left her after his own 1st marriage in that time she doesn’t give any announcement over him. & afterwards Preeta also imparts him the one yr. time to think regarding this marriage however as of now he won’t have any time.

Afterwards she states as of now she’s in her house & she could’t take (2) any holiday that is why he’s to accept her. For extra written updates stay tuned with us & stay safe!