Kundli Bhagya 17th August 2024 Written Episode: Karan Throws The Ring

Within the upcoming daily episode of “Kundli Bhagya” when Karan talks to his own dad afterwards he gets a ring afterwards Karan stops searching the ring & had come to Luthra’s room.
Afterwards Shrishtee sees the Karan & something kept on his own hand. Shrishti stated she watch the ring in your hand afterwards Karan throw the ring. Sharline states I really know what happens here.
Rishabh states that so numerous things happen here however you stated that you could’t know the things that happen here & Sharlyn stated that you really know what happens to me. Sharlyn requests Rishabh why I’m contributing to the kidnapper.
Afterwards Rishab stated they’ve a reason & saw her the plat in that Sherlyn keep the fruits. The Rishabh stated I really know everything doesn’t say post to me.

When everything is going to sort afterwards Sherlyn stated she could accomplish anything for Preeta. Afterwards Preeta stated to Mahira just how to killing Mahesh’s uncle, She stated she really know everything that you stated with the Sherlyn. Preeta stated that she could’t block the marriage with Karan.

Kareena went to Rishabh’s room, requesting Sherlyn what happen. Preeta goes out of the room suddenly Mahira wants to hold on Preeta’s neck however she could’t & Nahira hits with the flower bowl on Preeta heads. Preeta also hits on Mahira’s head, the Mahira fallen down on the floor.

Within the next upcoming daily episode of Kundli Bhagya, Rishabh ruled to confront Sherlyn & he wants to really know everything that why she lies from him, Just how could kidnapper has been identified the knife within the unfamiliar room.

Preeta goes to Mahira’s room & informs her that even afterwards the Luthra family (4) doesn’t trust police going to. She calls the police & also states that stops the marriage of Karan & Mahira because she’s already wedded.

Sharlyn once again makes h image & threats him to hit him in case he again questions on her.

Karan wants to talk regarding the marriage with his own dad so he went to his own dad’s home & when he approached the room he initiated crying. He got (1) the earring from Mahesh’s room & again initiated emotionally to watch the accessory.

Mahira wants to block Preeta & wants to close the door. Still, Preeta tries to come out from that room however Mahir attack on her & she attempted to killing of Preeta. For extra written updated stories be tunned with us & stay safe.