Kundali Bhagya March 16, 2024 Episode: Preeta Pushed Mahesh

Kundali Bhagya March 16, 2024, Episode Written Update: Preeta Pushed Mahesh, says Sherlin.

The daily episode started after viewing Mahesh with Luthra’s becoming worried. Rishab requested Mahesh dropped. Mahira explained that Mahesh was pushed by Preeta from upstairs. Sherlyn praised Mahira within her mind and believed that fate helped them to snare Preeta that’s exactly why she reached there at the moment.

Karan inquired how it happened and arrived there. Mahira Place the attribute. Preeta reported that she didn’t push on Mahesh. Sherlyn requested Preeta can do something. Mahesh was taken by the Luthra. About who intended to snare Preeta sristy believed. Preeta requested Sristy to achieve home and she left for the hospital.

In the clinic, Karan and Rishab fought together with the secretary because she advised them that the neurosurgeon wasn’t offered. At the point one neurosurgeon was attracted by Preeta with her and he handled Mahesh. Dadi consoled because she asked her to beg for Mahesh and began crying.

Preeta inquired what exactly was she doing there rather than visiting Sarla. Sristy asked Preeta to allow her to remain and reported that she’d stay silent.

Preeta stated she was being misunderstood by them, she didn’t push on Mahesh. Sherlyn said so as to prevent Mahira’s and Karan union that Preeta pushed Mahesh. Rishab requested Sherlyn to be silent.

Karan reported he made a mistake. Preeta fought back stating she strove to separate Mahira and Karan.

Since Karan believed she would push Mahesh she was shocked. Karan remembered how Preeta was blamed by him after, and the incident finished.

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