Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 27 August 2024: Mahira Promises To Get Revenge On Preeta

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi Ma requests Preeta to leave the Luthra home & never return. Preeta & Srishti walk out of the Luthra Home after being thrown out by Karan’s family (4). Mahira requests her family (4) just how they didn’t realize Preeta has been within the mandap. She blames Sherlyn for instigating Preeta to block the wedding & afterwards contributing her sit within the mandap without being observed. Rakhi discloses that she imagines Preeta is right however when the whole family (4) has been over her she can accomplish nothing. Sherlyn reports Prithvi regarding Preeta marrying Karan once again.

Within the upcoming daily episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan gets angry after being wedded & separated from Preeta again. He breaks things in his own room & screams in anger.

Mahira is also cursing Sherlyn & crying. Sherlyn persuades Mahira that she’s always contributing her & informs her to show all this anger to Preeta.

Sherlyn stops Srishti from detecting an auto-rickshaw & leaving with Preeta. She bullies Srishti due to what happened within the Luthra Home.

Kareena agrees with Mahira’s mom that Preeta is not Karan’s spouse. Although, she doesn’t accept the suggestion that Karan must marry Mahira that night itself.

Mahira sees Preeta outdoor the home & begins derogatory her family (4). She assures to gain revenge for Preeta ruining her wedding with Karan.

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