Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2024 Written Update: Twist……

Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Kundali Bhagya (07-10-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Pawan come to the room.

Prithvi has been senseless. Pawan smiles that Bhai looks so handsome.

He ties Janki’s hands so that she could escape easily. Pawan congratulates Prithvi the last quite a few hours of his own bachelor personal life.

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He afterwards leaves to schedule for his own wedding. Janki wakes up & locates Prithvi there. She wonders why she always comes across Prithvi.

She wonders why he’s senseless. She smells closer to his own face & states she’s drunk. She curses Prithvi & Pawan both. She kicks Prithvi in her fury because he took Preeta here to marry her.

She curses that Prithvi should pass away bachelor. She wishes Karan realises his own true face & come to safeguard Preeta. She prays that Shrishti comes here, they want to take (2) Preeta. She cries & prays for safety of Preeta.

Karan goes in search of Preeta. He dials her number, however it has been unanswered. Maira comes from behind & states she wore the dress, applied sindoor & met citizens as his own spouse; this made him so disgusted that he informed her to leave.

She persuades that Preeta has left house. Karan informs Maira to shut up & leave, Preeta didn’t leave the home. Maira complains that he always takes Preeta’s side when she’d took the NGO.

She states she went to Preeta’s room; her saree has been prepared on bed however Preeta wasn’t there. She wore the dress so that his own family (4) is saved from disgrace.

Karan informs Maira not to decide for his own family (4), he’ll protect the family (4). He turns to leave. Maira informs Karan to watch the letter at the least.

Preeta struggled with her tied ft. Pawan informs her not to accomplish this. Once she’s wedded, they’ll untie her.

Preeta states Maira informed him that Prithvi wants to marry her, not Prithvi himself. Pawan states his own mom also states that Prithvi wants to marry her. Preeta states Prithvi wanted to marry her once she has been unmarried.

Pawan states Maira, his own mom & even his own heart verdicts Prithvi’s wish. He informs Pandit to read the wedding vows. Pandit states he doesn’t really know just how to marry anybody. The goons hold Pandit in gun point, & he agrees.

Within the corridor, Maira conducted a letter from Preeta to Karan. She reads that even Prithvi’s name is also written within the letter. Preeta has left & won’t repatriate. She appeals Karan that she’ll be an ideal spouse, & daughter-in-law.

Karan repeats his own No again. He informs her to block this stupidity. He doesn’t like Preeta. Their own marriage has been obliged. As of now, Maira could also not enforce herself into his own personal life.

Maira cries that she loves him a lot. Karan replies he doesn’t love her in all. Sherlin comes out & informs Maira what this way is to handle the status.

Sherlin threatens Maira that when Preeta repatriates her fact going to be out. So, afterwards they’ll make up that Preeta wedded Prithvi.

Karan stood upstairs & hears the guests excited to meet Karan’s bride.

Within the room, Sherlin pours Maira wine so that she forgets her pain. Maira cries that Karan doesn’t recognize her as his own spouse. Sherlin influence Maira that Karan has his own restrictions, he should be cautious of police & NGO ladies.

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Both ladies blame every difference in utilizing every difference. They decide to end the fight. Sherlin states Maira accomplish everything so late. In case she kills Mahesh as of now, it’ll shift everybody’s attention to Mahesh & borrow Preeta time to stabilize.

Maira states her marriage could not be delayed for a yr.. Mahesh going to only pass away after her marriage. She gulps the bottle of wine so that she could relax herself & think clearly. She has been determined not to offend Karan ahead of everybody.

Karan moves downstairs thinking regarding Maira’s fraud letter. He grabs a drink from a waiter & gulps it down. Sarla requests Karan regarding Preeta’s whereabouts. Karan replies none. He moves to Rishab.

He looked tensed. Rishab has been worried for him. Karan informs Rishab to stay with him in a hug until the party ends. Rishab wonders what happened.

Sarla has been worried. Sherlin comes behind Maira who had come to the party in veil. She nabbed a drink, & everybody location her gulp it down

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